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3-Card Poker: Top Tips to Winning Big

Three card poker is one of those online casino games we all know and love for its high speed game style. If you’re looking to improve not only your skills, but your whole playing experience then follow these top tips to success.

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1. Learn the Rules

The first and most important thing to remember is to learn the game. Read the rules, do some online research, watch some gameplay footage. If you don’t understand how a game is played then you’ll never be good at it.

  • California Rules
  • Florida Rules
  • Ultimate 3 card poker
  • Macau Rules

2. Two Games are Better than One

Where possible, always play both games together. By playing both the Ante & Play and the Pair Plus games you will double your chances as both games have different rules, strategies and pay-out tables.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s always best to practice your strategies before you play with real money. Where possible, always play with fake money first, that way you will build up some knowledge, confidence and experience and be better when it comes to real money stakes.

4. Keep It Simple

When playing a game of Ante & Play it’s always best to follow the basic 3-card strategy for poker. Obviously, the strategy is adaptable and if you think you can beat the dealer by twisting it a little then by all means, go ahead. The crucial thing to remember is when it comes down to it, the basic strategy is the key to winning.

5. Remember Your Bankroll

This final tip applies to any and all casino games really. Never bet more than you can afford, keep an eye on your bankroll and finally, when you’ve reached your limit, good or bad, remember to stop.

Furthermore, make sure to consider any casino bonus you can find. Some of them might come in handy during the game.

6. Eyes Open

Because of the way 3 card poker is played in casinos, often people choose to play blind hands. This is one of the worst things you could possibly do. Think about it, the house will always hold an edge, so, statistically you are 7.6% worse off. Worst case scenario and you’re forced to play blind, cross your fingers and wish for luck.