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5 Best Holiday Options You Have For A Summer in Greece

A summer holiday in Greece is a must and there are plenty of different ways you can see the best of the mainland and the Greek Islands. Summer is the best time to visit as the sun is shining, the days are long and the climate is warm, perfect for all kinds of holidays. Sailing holidays, cruises, beach resorts and everything in between, you might be struggling to choose which one is best for you. Well to help you to make up your mind, here are five of the best holiday options to enjoy a summer holiday in Greece.

cove-1974525_640Yacht charter Island Hopping Holidays

If you want to visit many different locations on your holiday and have the choice of where to stop and how long for then a Yacht Charter holiday might be the option for you. You can choose a loose itinerary to suit your needs and sail away by yourself. Or if you are new to sailing or a beginner, you can try flotilla holidays in Greece. This way you can enjoy the freedom of a sailing holiday with the added peace of mind of a qualified skipper available when you need them. Daily briefings and help when you need it makes it the perfect mix of freedom and safety.

The advantage of a yacht over other methods is that you can dock or anchor in places you might not have found access to. Explore quiet coves and little sandy bays which you’ll almost have to yourself. Great itineraries include the simpler sailing of the Northern and Central Ionian Islands, the Southern Ionian including Meganisi, Ithaca and Cephalonia and the more difficult Sporades in Northern Greece. Whichever you choose, there are so many beautiful places to anchor. Great choices include Butterfly bay in northeast Arkoudhi, Vassiliki in Lefkas and Pera Pighadi in Ithaka.

Cruising the Greek Islands

By taking a cruise, you will be able to see many different places in the same holiday but also with all the comforts of a hotel on board. You may only be able to visit the main harbours but you will still be able to explore the best Islands and ports Greece has to offer.  You can see the main sights sometimes staying overnight in ports and enjoy excursions or explore on your own.

If you like to travel in style then this is the way to do it. Itineraries usually include the highlights of the Greek Islands and coast, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu and Athens are all popular cruise ship stops in Greece. All offer their own unique charms, with ancient history, beautiful views, beaches to laze on and delicious local food to taste. Some Greek destinations are also on the itineraries of larger Mediterranean cruises which stop at lots of different places and countries in the area. By taking a cruise, you can wake up in a different destination without having to lift a finger.

Greek Driving Holidays

If you prefer to stay on dry land most of the time but still want to explore with your own itinerary then why not try a driving holiday? It might sound strange but you can even do some island hopping on a driving holiday in Greece as there are car accessible ferries to take you from one place to the next. You can choose your own itinerary dependant on your time constraints and stay and long or as little in each destination as you wish, you may have to book accommodation in advance though so remember this when planning your holiday.

By driving you don’t restrict yourself to coastal towns and villages, meaning you can explore more of the mainland and central locations on the islands. In the mainland try Athens, Delphi, Paleros and Meteora or for island hopping there’s Santorini, Paros, Naxos and Mykonos in the Cyclades or the Peloponnese starting in Athens to Olympia, Nafplion and Loutraki. Car hire is easy and amenable in many towns, just shop around to get the best deal for you.

Beach Resort Breaks

Probably the best-known holiday is Greece is the good old Greek beach resort. Many people travel to Greece to enjoy the sunshine, relax on the beach and swim in the clear waters.  With the wealth of beautiful sandy beaches dotted along the coastline the choice of destination is almost endless. There are also different types of resorts to choose from depending om your travel style and who you are travelling with. These include All – inclusive hotels and resorts, Adults only breaks, family friendly resorts and hotels, self-catering apartments or glamorous boutique hotels.

Crete is an excellent choice for families and all-inclusive resorts. Whereas you might want to check out Corfu if looking for an adults-only stay. If it’s a charming boutique hotel you want then try Athens, Santorini or Mykonos. Zante is also a great choice for self-catering breaks, you can buy from the local supermarkets for breakfast, and eat out for lunch and dinner at the local restaurants or try your own cooking.  Whichever you choose, you are sure to encounter some gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise seas and a very relaxing environment for all.

Greek Island Backpacking

It is possible to backpack around the Greek Islands quite easily and many people do it frequently. Ferries and bus services are generally good and as long as you plan ahead and have the necessary time you will see as much of Greece as you want and on a budget too. When it comes to staying in Greece, unlike other destinations you probably won’t find hostel style accommodation. However, rooms and apartments are relatively cheap so there are always deals to be found.

When it comes to itineraries, you can pretty much choose as you go along unless you are on a tight schedule. The Ionian islands, the Cyclades and the Sporades are easily connected with one another and to the mainland which make them all easily accessible and perfect for backpackers. Use the ferries from one island to the next and you can always hire a car and try some driving if you have the funds. Look out for free tours and things to do along the way, and of course swimming and sunbathing are a must too.

Which type of holiday in Greece would you choose?

What type of traveller are you and which type of holiday would you choose? Perhaps you would like to relax and soak up the sun not having to worry about what to have for dinner as everything is already done for you. Or maybe you want to explore the seas by taking out a yacht charter and learning to sail? If you are a budget traveller you might want to backpack the Greek islands, slow travel and seeing all the sights. You might want to choose a resort where the kids are kept entertained all day?

Whichever way you like to travel there is a place for you in Greece. Family, couple, groups or solo traveller it caters for all. Once you have chosen your method and the island or destination all you have left is to book and go!