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5 Key Considerations When Moving Home

There are many things which will grab your attention when you are thinking about moving home. Some seem more important than others and some are really easy to forget about. Aside from the number of bedrooms, the local schools and size of the garden, here are some essentials which should be right at the top of your list:

pexels-photo-201282The Legal Paperwork

The one big thing you won’t want to forget about is finding and hiring conveyancing solicitors. With the vast sums of money involved in moving home, you will want to make sure that all of the I’s are dotted and the T’s have a firm cross through them. A good solicitor will ease the worries and talk you through the whole process to ensure that you are not only legally covered, but fully aware of how the whole system will work.

The Neighbourhood

You will want to get the flavour of the neighbours and the neighbourhood. It will take seconds to search local newspapers for the street name, to see if there have been any news-worthy events, both good and bad. Then searching social media, will allow you to see if there are any smaller issues around the area.

Broadband Speeds

We live our lives online and assessing the available Internet speeds of the new home is one vital step to go through before buying a home. You wouldn’t want to move and then discover that you can’t watch a movie or video-chat. Broadband providers will tell you the maximum speed they can offer at your new home, but there are websites which will let you know the average speeds people actually receive in the street.

Parking Spaces

You might not worry too much about parking your car. When you visited the property, there were a lot of spaces and barely any cars around. But, you visited during the day and all of the neighbours were out at work. The last thing you want to have to worry about when you have just pulled a long shift at work is to try and find a parking spot within walking distance of your own home.

Council Tax Bills

The differences in the level of Council Tax different areas of towns pay is worth noting for the long-term impact. If you are going to save nearly £500 a year, is it worth moving a little further away from the centre of town? Could you plan to use this money when you buy your house, knowing you will be able to put it into the mortgage payments instead of the Council Tax bill.

Moving home is one of the most stressful times of your life. The only thing which can make it slightly less stressful is knowing that you are legally prepared and covered, have your removal company organised and home cleaning service NYC to help you on your way. If the worst happens and something does go wrong, then at the very least, you will have support and legal cover to get you through.Move-or-improve-infographic-v1 (1)