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5 Top Tips to Help You Win the Lottery

Anyone can win in the lottery, even you! Of course when we say “win the lottery” what we actually mean is win the lottery’s biggest prize – the jackpot. While you have a realistic chance of winning a lottery secondary prize, the odds that you will be the winner of the jackpot are very, very small. In the case of the US Powerball, which set a world record for offering a $1.568 billion jackpot in January 2016, the chances of winning such a jackpot are 1:292,201,338. Still, someone eventually wins each jackpot prize, so why shouldn’t it be you?

First things first. In order to win the lottery, you have to play the lottery. If you haven’t already done so, head over to the nearest convenience store and get your tickets. Or, you can purchase lottery tickets online at theLotter, the leading ticket purchasing service around. Once you have your tickets, you can wait for the next draw to see if you’re a winner.

Take a step backwards. How do you select which numbers to play in the first place? Is there anything to do which will give you an advantage playing the lottery? And what can you do to improve your odds of winning a lottery jackpot? Listed below are the top five tips to help you win the lottery.

Pick uncommon numbers. Every combination of numbers has an equal chance of winning the jackpot prize but if you select uncommon numbers, you could end up winning the top prize all by yourself. Many lottery players use the dates of their birthdays and anniversaries as a guide for their number selection. If you choose “32”, just off the calendar, you might be able to make your ticket unique. Many people avoid playing the number “13” while other numbers, like “7”, are overplayed. Lotteries post lists of their “hot” and “cold” numbers so that you can see which are the most frequently, and infrequently, numbers chosen in a draw.

Play with a syndicate. It should be obvious to you that the more tickets you play, the greater your chances of winning the lottery. Of course, buying multiple lines can be quite expensive, but luckily there is an affordable alternative. You can improve your odds without increasing your expenses by joining a lottery syndicate. Being part of a pool of players allows you, as a group, to purchase large quantities of tickets. According to statistics provided by the National Lottery, syndicates win 1 in 5 top game prizes. It’s better to split a jackpot prize than not to win a jackpot at all.

Play smaller lotteries with better odds. There are lotteries with much better odds than those offered in the biggest lotteries. For example, winning the American Mega Millions has one in 258.9 million odds while the odds of winning the Australian Powerball, a much smaller lottery, are a more favourable 1 in 76.7 million. The Spanish La Primitiva lottery offers one in 13.9 million jackpot odds while Sweden Lotto’s odds are better yet – one in 6.7 million. Better odds means smaller jackpots, but a jackpot win is a big deal no matter how big the prize.

Play regularly. Yes, you could win the lottery jackpot with your very first ticket, but the odds of that happening are even lower than winning the Powerball. In most cases it takes patience, and years of play, before you actually win a big prize. Consider how you will feel if you play every week with the same numbers and then miss a draw, when your numbers are finally selected!

Trust your gut. There is no guarantee that following this advice, or any advice for that matter, will result in your winning a major lottery prize. Some winners have stuck to their selected numbers for years until they finally scored big in the lottery, while others have had success repeatedly playing the same numbers. Whatever advice you get, you probably will do just as well playing the numbers you believe are lucky for you. Be consistent and play them regularly. Or alternatively, change your numbers with every draw.

The bottom line is that to win a lottery, you must play the game. Hopefully these tips will help you make your dreams come true.