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7 Awesome Reasons to Start Learning to Play the Saxophone

Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the top skills many people aspire to have. There are many musical instruments to choose from, some more popular than others. Perhaps one of the most prominently featured instruments, especially in jazz music, is the saxophone. A saxophone player receives much admiration because of the assumption that saxophones are hard to play. But aside from gaining praise, there are many other reasons why learning to play the saxophone is worthwhile.


  • A perfect avenue for expressing creativity

Although saxophones are associated mainly with jazz music, it is versatile and featured in many musical genres. If you have an extensive taste in musical styles and would like to express your creativity, you can learn to play the saxophone and use it to accompany different types of arrangements including classical and contemporary.

  • There are different kinds of saxophones to choose from

In total, you can choose from nine different saxophone types; the most popular include baritone, alto, and soprano. Dawkes range of saxophones has a complete variety to choose from depending on your interest and taste. Since the pitch of saxophones ranges from high to low, and instrument sizes also vary from small to large, you will undoubtedly find one that fits you.

  • Playing music helps you with academics

There are many benefits to playing a musical instrument, and one of the most beneficial is how it helps with developing language skills and concentration. Many even say that if you know how to play a musical instrument, you can also improve your mathematical skills.

  • It will help you socialise

If you know how to play a musical instrument like the saxophone, you can start getting involved in social events and even join groups. You can meet new people and network with a new group of friends who share similar interests. Social events can also open doors to many opportunities and build lasting relationships with people who are also passionate about music.

  • You can learn to persevere and develop patience

Playing the saxophone requires hours of practice and diligent studying. Through this process, you become more patient and learn to persevere in achieving your goals. When you develop these values in yourself, it becomes an inherent part of your personality which will aid in other aspects of your life.

  • Improve your ability to retain information

A person’s memory deteriorates as they grow older. When you are playing a musical instrument, you use a large portion of your brain and therefore help it to function correctly. In the process, you are also improving your memory and information retention while at the same time enhancing your other cognitive skills.

  • It allows you to relax

Playing the saxophone is a relaxing activity for the player and for anyone who listens to the soothing music produced. Music also helps improve your mood and keeps the blues away. If you are feeling frustrated or depressed, you can also use music as a way to vent your anger or frustration and feel relaxed immediately after.

Learning to play the saxophone is a worthwhile experience.