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7 Ways to Prevent Your Luggage from Being Lost

Have you been thinking about getting away from the city for a while, and spending some time on a well-deserved holiday? Taking time off from work is beneficial not only for our sanity, but also for our overall health.


On the other hand, going on a break may lead to more harm than good if you don’t plan properly. The grandest of holiday may become stressful if you encounter a lot of problems along the way.

The Travel Checklist

You want your trip to be as relaxing and as memorable as possible. That’s why you need to make a personal checklist of the things that you need for your holiday. Here are some of the essentials:

  • Passport and hotel itinerary
  • Enough clothes including a jacket and a cap
  • First aid kid
  • Map, just in case you get lost
  • Snacks in between trips
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Camera
  • Cash (don’t leave without it, although bringing your credit card might also be necessary)

Have them all laid on the bed so that you can pack them properly inside your bags.

If you’re bringing kids with you, make sure to bring their favorite toys to avoid any tantrums while traveling. Travelling with kids requires you to bring an extra bag filled with extra clothes, snacks, and toys.

Lost luggage leads to absolute stress!

You may have everything set up and ready to go, but one thing that could dampen your spirits is when you realize that upon arriving at your destination, you don’t see you bags in the luggage carousel. Panic attack!

Here are a few ways to prevent your luggage from getting lost:

  1. Choose an airline with a good track record for luggage management. Avoid airline companies with bad reviews for losing luggage because it was either taken by another passenger or placed in another aircraft.
  2. If it is possible, book for non-stop flights. This ensures that your luggage stays in the same plane that you are in. This should eliminate the possibility of your luggage from being left in the airport or being carried to a wrong destination.
  3. Pick bags that you can easily recognize from a group of luggage. There are so many luggage sets in unique designs that you can choose from. Using these will make you identify your luggage at once.
  4. Make it a habit to take off old bag tags. If your luggage or bag has the barcode tag from your previous trip, make sure that you have removed it so airport computers will not get confused if they accidentally pick up the wrong information.
  5. Although you may have a very distinguishing design for your best carry-on luggage, you should not forget to attach a luggage tag and have your name and contact information clearly written on it. It may also help to slip in an extra business card inside your luggage so that just in case your luggage tag is accidentally removed, proper identification can still be acquired from your luggage.
  6. Check in on time. There’s a big chance that when you check in at the last minute before your plane takes off, your bag might be placed in a different flight schedule or plane simply because there is not enough time to squeeze your bag in.
  7. It may be a wise idea to take a photo of your luggage just in case it gets lost. This way, it is easier for airport personnel to locate your luggage. Take a picture of your baggage claim ticket as well, just in case it gets lost.

Be a smart traveler! Ensure the safety of your belongings so you can enjoy your holiday instead of worrying about your lost luggage.