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A different side to the USA

A holiday in the USA will certainly be a fun, loud, refreshing, and varied experience. Where you choose to go and how you choose to visit is a hard decision to make, and with so many amazing sights, cities, and states to visit, you have an endless choice!

We are of course talking about a long haul flight here, so to be in the best shape when you land, make sure you stock up on sleep before your departure. A good way to do that is to book into an airport hotel the night before, giving you a relaxed foundation to start on. I always book my hotel through, as I find the best rates here, such as the great deal I found for one of the hotels near Manchester Airport recently. This is a fantastic way to start your American adventure, so I’d certainly recommend you look into this idea.

Most people visiting the USA for the first time will look towards a few set areas, namely New York, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, or LA. These are the major tourist areas of the country, although every single state has endless sights and experiences, so no matter where you go, you’ll find something sure to blow your mind. The centre of the country is the real heartland, and this is where you will see authentic all-American life. Texas is another part of the country that will show you that bigger is certainly better, with a real yee-haa experience! Phoenix is a must visit city, surrounded by beautiful desert landscapes, or maybe you want to hire a car and visit many different places, designing your own road-trip.

The national parks of America are where the real beauty lies, with landscapes like you always used to see in Western films, such as Mount Rushmore, for example.

It’s easy to forget the amazing landscapes this country has to offer, because we focus simply on the fun of the Orlando theme-parks, or the beaches of LA, the casinos of Las Vegas, or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, but the mountains, forests, canyons, gorges, and fast-flowing rivers are what make up this beautiful country, as well as culture and traditions that change from state to state, food portions like nowhere else on earth, and a welcoming vibe wherever you go.

However you choose to visit the USA, try and see past the tourist run, because you will begin to appreciate this huge land in a totally different way to what you imagined.