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Adventure Activities Women Prefer to Do on Holiday

Over the last few years, demand for women-only holidays has been steadily increasing. During these trips, female adventurers expect excitement, general wellness, and their social world to expand without the presence of the lads. With emphasis on health and personal empowerment, women-only adventures allow like-minded women to travel to exotic places, make new friends, meet locals, take on a new challenge, and experience things that women love to do.

girls-407685_640Here is a list of the most popular adventure activities that women prefer to do on holiday:

  1. Surfing

An all-women surf trip is a fun way to learn how to surf or hone surfing skills in a safe, non-competitive environment.  Popular all-women surf trip destinations are in New South Wales, Australia; Bali, Indonesia; Lanzarote, Canary Islands; Hawaii, and Costa Rica.


  1. Boot Camp

Military-style boot camp vacations for females are gaining popularity around the world. Women who like to jumpstart or improve their fitness goals go to fitness boot camps. Boot campers usually choose between five-day or 10 to 12-day courses. Activities include circuit training, obstacle courses, boxing, Ironman drills, swimming, and team games. In Kent, the female-only G.I. Jane Boot Camp has guests working in close-knit groups with varied workouts.  Guests also get nutritional advice and life-coaching as part of their program.

  1. Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats for women are part of the burgeoning wellness travel trend around the world. There is no shortage of amazing yoga retreat venues – from Ireland to Thailand, Brazil to Montana, USA. Many women want to get in on the trend.  Not only do they practice yoga in an amazing environment with private instructors, but they also do meditation and journaling as part of the program.


  1. Women-Only Worldwide Treks

Many travel companies offer women-only treks to popular travel destinations around the globe such as Nepal (12 days), Machu Picchu (7 days), Mt. Kilimanjaro (10 days), Great Wall of China (8 days), Canadian Rockies (6 days), and much more. Most of these treks also include community immersion and social responsibility.  For instance, guest in Mt. Kilimanjaro treks are billeted at a nonprofit hotel that funds a primary school.

  1. Skiing Camps

There are several women-only skiing camps in North America and Europe which allow women to work on their personal skiing goals.  What is special about these skiing clinics is that the programs are tailored for women from beginner to advanced levels.  Women participate in on-snow challenges taught by certified instructors, along with equipment lectures, feedback, and video analysis.

girl-571808_640Memorable and life-changing experiences abound in all-female trips.  The women let their hair down, challenge themselves with physical activities, and are immersed in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Most of these female-only trips also emphasize social responsibility. Women learn to respect the people and environments that they travel in. For adventure trips with lots of physical activities and certain amounts of travel risks such as skiing, boot camp and surfing, safety is always a priority.  Certain companies have special adventure activities travel insurance coverage in their policies for travel-related adrenaline-pumping activities.