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Amsterdam Named as Europe’s Most Expensive City for Stag Parties

It’s now or never! That’s what everyone says about Amsterdam, a city filled with beautiful canals, mesmerising architecture and capacious parks. The charm of this city is unspeakable, and it is being spread more when the sun goes missing. If you are a night lover, you would surely go miles to save for those naughty stag parties that this city invites you to. There is a halt to it though. The city is known to be the most expensive one in Europe when it comes to stag parties. The activities such as Party Group Bar Crawl, Go Karting Grand Prix, etc. are something that comes first in your mind, but they all come with a heavy price.

bridge-895937_1280The revellers will end up spending £500 or more in just 2 days. Now that is something you weren’t expecting. It is advisable to go abroad rather than arranging a stag party in UK. You can fly to Amsterdam at a cheap price but will have to bear the high stag party cost afterwards. If you are looking for the best deal, you can consider going to eastern or central Europe. You will find accommodation and booze at reasonable prices there. The other cities which do not lag behind in making your travel expensive are London and Barcelona. You should also be interested in knowing that the cities like Bournemouth, Edinburgh and Newcastle are among the most expensive party destinations in the UK.

If you calculate total average costs per city including airfares, taxi charges, accommodation, booze, dining and miscellaneous, you will not be surprised that Amsterdam is reaching new heights in making itself an unaffordable destination for the stag parties. You surely didn’t like the sound of it. It’s all about drinking, nightclubs and other leisure activities, and if you are deprived of all these sublime pleasures, due to the high cost involved, there will always be a cheaper option that you’ll look out for. Brno is the one to start with. The cost is just half of what it is in Amsterdam. The other cities that follows are Prague, Hamburg and Budapest. For all the restless nights you’ve spent planning a stag party at Amsterdam, it would give you spine-chilling thrill, but also it might empty your pockets. You are definitely not imagining anything like this. Are you?  Besides, there are high chances that your close mates would be disappointed due to the high price of booze and activities. Therefore, it is better to celebrate it grand somewhere cheap rather than burning holes in your pocket. And if you are known for your drinking habits among your mates, you’ve come to the right place, but it doesn’t promise cheap prices. Talking in numbers, the cost of stag weekend per person comes around £538 wherein other cities can offer you much lower cost than this. Now that you know the pros and cons of organising a stag-do in the city, make sure you research well in advance in order to avoid a knock-out session while planning your much awaited bash. The options are many but stick to the one that doesn’t fool you around in terms of costing. The less you pay, the more you enjoy. Amsterdam surely promises sublime night life pleasures provided that you don’t end up burning your pocket.

Organising a stag do is not difficult, but managing it can be a task. With some cool destinations and a clear plan in mind, you are surely hitting the right track. Rely on the Internet ( to get the best guidance and advise on the budget for your stag party.