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Benefits of Using a Caravan Cover

The spades are all packed away and the winter coats have come out meaning it’s that time of year again when your caravan goes into hibernation until the sun comes out where your caravanning trips can start again.

Do you  find that when Summer arrives and the whole family are excited about getting the caravan out that you are faced with a caravan that need cleaning, repairing and most definitely looking at least one year older?  Regardless of where you store it, a cover is vital in ensuring that everything is in working order for your next touring season.

With UK holidays on the increase and more and more families are finding UK shores more appealing it is time to invest in a caravan cover before the snow and frost cause lasting damage.

It is obvious that leaving your caravan outside in the rain, wind, frost and sun can cause progressive harm to the exterior of your caravan.  In addition to this small branches, bird excrement and leafs all form potential dangers of damaging the paintwork.

To help preserve the exterior ensuring you enjoy many more years of holidaying to come and ease you of spending hours cleaning the caravan, purchase a bespoke caravan cover.  Bespoke caravan covers are far from being standard they are designed to fit every inch of your caravan.

When choosing a cover it is important that it is soft so not to damage the surface of your caravan but also durable enough so that it lasts for many years.

Still not convinced?

The main benefits of having a caravan cover are:

  • Providing protection from UV damage.  Your caravan doesn’t just require protection in the winter, all round protection protects from sun damage which can cause damage to your tyres and paintwork.
  • Preserve the value of your caravan.  Every time you use your caravan you want it to feel like the first time
  • Reduce risk of rubber seals on window sills rotting.  A bespoke caravan cover will ensure this risk is completely removed.
  • Providing water protection.  A waterproof and breathable cover will remove the build up of damp.

Plus why remove the excitement of your upcoming holidays having to spend excessive amounts of time preparing your caravan before you set off.  Or worse still, discover your caravan does not start!

With a bespoke cover you can choose the design and colouring so for it not to look an eye sore.  Did you know your cover can provide extra security against theft as it acts as a deterrent, choose a design so to disguise you caravan within its surroundings.

Like with any other product you get what you pay for.  A custom-make cover will ensure it is fit for purpose and that the doorway is in the right location and provisions are made for external fittings such as your TV aerial and your gas flue.  A standard cover will not guarantee this.

Most of all you want a cover that is going to extend the life of your caravan and grow old with you!