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Best Wines to Go with Christmas Dinner

Christmas is coming and being an organized individual, you no doubt are planning your menu. Will you serve turkey or pot roast? Pigs in a blanket or smoked salmon? Cake or a traditional Christmas pudding? Along with these delectable foods, you want to serve wine, but which one? This guide covers the best wines to go with a Christmas dinner.

Chenin Blanc

If you’re going to serve smoked salmon, shrimps or any other type of seafood, you’ll want a light wine to accompany these starters. Chenin Blanc is the perfect choice. It is a wine that comes in a variety of sweetness, ranging from brut to demi sec or if you prefer a sparkling wine.

Reginato Celestina

If on the other than you’re planning on serving pigs in a blanket, you’ll do well with a sparkling rose such as Reginato Celestina. Wine connoisseurs love this particular wine because it tastes of sweet strawberries and bitter rhubarb. The perfect drink to serve with buttery, meaty pigs.

Pinot Noir

If you’re planning on serving turkey, you can’t go wrong with Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a full bodied red wine that can be served with all kinds of poultry. In France, this wine is referred to as a red Burgundy, named after the region where it’s grown. When you take a whiff of this wine, you may catch a scent of damp leaves and when you take sip you’ll taste black cherries and mushrooms.


If turkey doesn’t appeal to you and you decide to serve a pot roast instead, look for a Bordeaux wine. While there is white Bordeaux, Bordeaux is mainly associated with red wine and is made from blending a Merlot wine with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Depending on the age of the Bordeaux, the wine tastes of black cherries, blackberries, plum, vanilla and even a hint of chocolate. As the wine ages it develops softer and rounder it tones. For people who are not used to drinking wine, a Bordeaux can very quickly can them tipsy.

Muscat Wine

To go with a Christmas pudding, people invariably go for a Muscat wine. A Muscat is an Italian wine and comes in many different varieties ranging from white to deep, deep red. Muscat wines can be sweet, floral or even spicy.

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If you’re not sure how many bottles of wine to get, there is a simple rule. If you’re planning on serving five courses of dinner with five different wines, then one glass per guest will suffice. If on the other hand you’re only going to serve two kinds of wine, white and red, then count on two glasses of wine per person. 

White wine can be stored in the fridge, while red wine should be stored in a cool place, uncorked an poured in a decanter one hour before serving and served at room temperature.