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Better Than Smoking or Just Another Vice: Why So Many Are Changing to E- Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have become a common sight since entering the marketplace over a decade ago. Originally dreamed up in 1930, they came to the world’s attention in 2006 after Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik created the modern e-cigarette device, supposedly as a way to lessen the dangers of his own smoking habit after his father died from sickness brought on by a lifetime of smoking.

The modern e-cigarette works by using a heating element at the end of a tube, which boils a liquid that contains propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavoring. And because they have several benefits compared to the traditional pack of cigarettes, the item has become something of accepted oddity in the traditional smoking world.

man-2634401_640The Obvious Benefits

Switching to e-cigarettes effectively removes many of the aesthetic side effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. Tobacco stains? Gone. Lingering smell of smoke that sticks to clothes, furniture, and walls? Thing of the past. Tar-stained teeth? Nuh uh. Smokers that were once shoved out of public places to smoke could experience a friendlier response when switching to e-cigarettes, especially since

Variety plays a role in deciding between the two products. Many of the liquid smoke products used by e-cigarettes come in a variety of scents and flavors, including fruits and desserts like s’mores or pie. At the same time, the vape mods, or the models of e-cigarette tools, come in a variety of designs that serve to set the two products further apart. The fact that vape mods come in such a variety of offerings compares well against cigarettes, which enjoyed the use of stylistic cigarette holders at one point when smoking was considered stylish.

e-cigarette-1881957_640The Lesser Evil?

Because e-cigarettes boast a different method of nicotine usage, questions have arisen as to whether using e-cigarettes could be considered a healthier option to traditional tobacco smoking. If a user wants to smoke, the argument goes, they’d be better off using e-cigarettes instead of lighting up a pack of Marlboros.

However, very few professional organizations offer evidence to back up that statement. Most will state the common facts about smoking and tobacco dangers, which they do because e-cigarettes have only been on the market for a decade, making it harder for researchers to determine the exact health hazards of product usage.

If cost does play a factor, it seems to be in a roundabout way. A pack of cigarettes retails between $5 and $7, while the vaping liquid used by an e-cigarette can run a user anywhere from $1 to $16, depending on what the user wants from the product.

Not for Quitters

Another reason commonly given for smokers switching to e-cigarettes rests with the user trying to wean themselves off tobacco entirely and using vaping to help the process. However, Time reported back in 2015 that while e-cigarette usage had been on the rise, the sale of tobacco products had not been slowed by the appearance of the new product.

It Might Be Just The Thing

All this being said, the decision for anyone to start using e-cigarettes remain a personal one. Health considerations, such as preexisting conditions that could be inflamed by smoking, might not be right for e-cigarette usage.