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Boxing For Women

On the downside when she catches you playing online casino games she will kick your butt. Visit for casino news. Then you can revenge by offering to be her sparring partner. What are we talking about? Boxing for women of course! A great full body workout for women that we believe every guy should recommend to his woman. Besides the beauty benefits of the activity, it is leads to great health. Not to mention that knowing that your lady can handle herself is always reassuring.

5 Real Benefits of Boxing for woman

  1. Stronger heart. A proper boxing workout will have you breathing heavily. When coupled with a higher heart rates. They cause the heart muscles to get stronger (muscles that are exercised grow bigger). The chance of developing cardiovascular related diseases is greatly reduced.
  2. Fitter and stronger. Fitter referring to your endurance and stronger meaning stamina. Endurance is determined by your body’s tolerance to lactic acid build up. Lactic acid is the product of anaerobic exercise. These are high energy workouts like HIIT. They help improve resistance to fatigue.
  3. Tones the body. As opposed to bulking. There is a generally accepted view that boxing will cause the female to have bulky muscles. It is wrong. This is because the repetitive actions involved in boxing will tone muscles instead building.
  4. Burns fats fast. Boxing is high intensity workout. Experts estimate that a woman can loss up to 500 calories each hour she works out. The workout will also burn visceral fats. These are fats around the stomach.
  5. It’s a great for stress relief. Research shows that pounding on a punching bag is very relaxing. Boxing causes the body to reduce production of hormones like cortisol. Which is a stress hormone. Your body will increase the production of feel-good chemicals called of endorphins.

Above all else we love a hot chick who can fight. Gone are the days when we the damsel in distress was the most attractive woman. Now there is a general preference for the lady who will come to your rescue.