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Build an Extension Rather than Moving House

As your family grows, so your housing requirement change; your lovely two-bedroom house may not be big enough to accommodate your changing circumstances – or even with three bedrooms you may be finding things a little cramped – so you need to find a way of making things more comfortable. The obvious answer to this problem is to buy a bigger house. It may also seem to be the easiest option, but in fact it can also be one of the most problematic.


To begin with, there’s the trials and tribulations of actually, physically finding a new house. This involves looking in selected areas for something that is within your price range and has everything you need – not an easy task! Then, there’s selling the property you are in; in the current market, chancing upon the exact right buyer for your house is never easy, so you may be looking – and struggling for space – for some time. Add to that the cost of moving home – and remember it is a very stressful experience for all involved – and it quickly becomes a less than attractive proposition.

Extending Your Home

Besides, it may be the case that the house you live in is one you want to stay in; you may need more space, but you might also be in the perfect location, with the right garden for you, the required amenities nearby and neighbours who you get on with (a major bonus for anyone), so why move? The answer is to build an extension, and it may not be as difficult as it sounds.

Now, you have the option of getting professionals in to do the actual construction work – this is important if you are to end up with a safe and usable extension that also meets the required building standards – but the final process, that of finishing and decorating, is up to you, and this is where you can make your own mark on the extension and ensure it becomes part of your home, rather than an added collection of rooms that look out of place. The job you are probably dreading is painting, but don’t worry, as we are about to tell you how to make it much easier, less messy, and also more cost-effective.

Using a Paint Sprayer

The trick to easy and waste-free painting is to use a handheld paint sprayer. These impressive and affordable devices come in many different types, sizes and power-levels, and they do away with the messy and time-consuming brush and roller method of painting your home and extension. They are simple to use and very versatile, and once you have one, we reckon you will find use for it over and over again, for many years to come.

Adding an extension – even a simple garage conversion – can make all the difference to the available space in the home, so why not look further at this method of expanding the house you love, and save money, time and stress in the process!