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Can Vapor Set Off a Smoke Detector?

If you vape, have you ever wondered if the vapor from your e-cig can set off a smoke detector? Well, many vapers can’t help to ask themselves this question going by the searches in search engines like Google and others. The thought of making a fire or smoke alarm alert the authorities and other parties that there is a fire is one that can make you quite nervous. Some of the consequences of setting off a smoke detector include embarrassment, paying fines, receiving warnings, and inconveniences as one explains themselves, and in some cases like in an airplane, one may be put behind bars for violating flight safety regulations.

So, can vapor set off a fire or smoke detector? The simple answer is that e-cig vapor should not trigger a fire or smoke alarm. However, it does set off certain detectors. In this piece, we’ll look at why this happens and tips on how to avoid such occurrences.

Different Types of Smoke Detectors

The primary factor in this controversial debate of vapor triggering smoke detectors is the type of device installed to sense fire or smoke. You will typically encounter three types of smoke detectors. The probability of vapor being picked up as smoke will depend on the kind of sensor installed in a particular place. These types of detectors are:

·  Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

These detectors are the most common and likely to be set off by vape pens. They employ optical light beams to sense the presence of smoke in the surroundings. When there is sufficient smoke around the detector, the smoke breaks the light beam, triggering the alarm. Vapor can also break the light beam and set off the photoelectric detectors.

·  Ionisation-Based Detectors

Ionization-based detectors utilize a radioactive material on two separate electrically charged plates. The air between the plates is ionized and closely monitored. If smoke or any other unusually denser particles get in, they break the electric current and trigger the alarm. They are less likely to be set off by vapor than the photoelectric ones, but they have been known to be triggered by vapor

·  Heat-Sensitive Alarms

These are designed to respond only to heat from a fire. As such, they do not give false alerts due to vapor and hence are the least troublesome if you vape where they have been installed.

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Reasons for Vapor Triggering Smoke Detectors

While smoke detectors are meant to go off on sensing smoke only, some will still send alerts due to vapor or even dust. This may be hard to understand, but using the logic of particles breaking the light beam in photoelectric detectors, we could get an answer to the issue. Fortunately, some detectors will be okay with you vaping around them.

Precautions to Avoid Triggering Smoke Detectors

Since some smoke detectors will go off due to vapor, you need to ensure your safety. You should avoid vaping close to detectors or fire alarms, especially when vaping indoors. Besides, refrain from creating dense clouds of vapour unless you are in a place where you can do that without raising issues.

Now you know that vapor can set off smoke detectors and why it can happen. But most importantly, you know how to avoid those embarrassing incidents and inconveniences. So, vape responsibly, and while you’re at it, be mindful of the safety of both yourself and others.