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Choosing an engagement ring: Know your stone cuts

If you’re planning to propose to the one you love, you’ll be searching for the perfect engagement ring. It’s a crucial decision as it’s a piece of jewellery to be worn the rest of their life so it’s wise to do a little research to find a style you know will be adored.

One choice to make will be the cut of the stone; these are the different styles of the gemstone such as a diamond and are chosen to highlight particular aspects such as colour and hue as well as the look of the stone itself.

There are many cuts; the most popular include:

  • Round Brilliant
  • Princess
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Marquise

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant cut is often the first choice for diamonds in an engagement ring, but is also used to create show-stopping sapphires and rubies. Modern versions have many facets and produce a glinting diamond in any piece of jewellery. It glitters so powerfully because of the 57 cuts to each stone and is a great choice for a large statement stone.


Princess cut stones are the second most popular choice for engagement rings. This cut emphasises the refractive qualities of the stone and is used mostly for diamonds and sapphires. The stone is the rectangular or square shaped equivalent of the Brilliant cut and so shares the properties which make this a wonderful choice for a ring which has tradition and a classic feel but is something a little more unusual.


The Emerald cut is an informed choice as it can be used for almost any kind of stone. It does not have the refractive qualities of the Brilliant or Princess cuts and is often used in combination with other stones to create a classy and stylish design. When used with an aquamarine or topaz it has an instant vintage look which has become very popular in the last couple of years. Combine with rose gold for a modern-day antique-style piece.


One of the youngest diamond cuts to be invented, it was first seen in 1902 when unveiled by the Asscher brothers. It’s similar to an emerald cut but is square rather than rectangular and is growing in popularity as a cut for a diamond in a ring.


A historically-famous cut which was designed for King Louis XV of France, this elongated design is pointed at both ends and always looks wonderful on the finger. It’s set to become the style statement of the year in the jewellery world with the recent engagement and wedding of model Jerry Hall to media tycoon  Rupert Murdoch. Costing £2.4 million, her engagement ring has a 10 carat marquise cut diamond set into it and dazzles the paparazzi as much as her smile.

Learn about the different cuts at Your Diamond Guru and find the perfect design for your proposal engagement ring. Watch her face light up as you open the box and the stunning facets glitter against her eyes and you seal your lifelong commitment to one another.