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City Break 101: Tips & Essentials You Need to Know About

You’re about to head off for a city break, but you don’t really know how to pack your bags properly? Don’t worry at all, because we’re here to help you out! Here are seven city break essentials you must know about, so check them out and get down to business!

1A pair of comfy shoes

When planning a city break, one thing that must find its place in your bag is a pair of shoes you can walk in all day long. Of course, your choice should depend on the season – ankle booties are a great option for colder, rainy fall days, whereas brogues will do the trick on warmer spring days. Of course, a pair of your trusty canvas sneakers is highly required as well, especially on warm summer days. These can be your go-to choice when it comes to casual outfits, as they will flawlessly match your favorite pair of jeans and the rest of your combo.

A lightweight yet cozy jacket

A lightweight rain jacket or a coat is another city break essential you need to have in your bag, especially during spring and fall trips, when it can get quite chilly during the day and in the evening. Besides that, a nice trench coat is a wardrobe staple that will complement even the most ordinary outfit, which is a good enough reason to have it on your city break. A denim jacket is also quite handy, as well as a faux-leather one which can easily bring an edgy rock’n’roll vibe to your combos.2

Remember that layering is your friend

Layering is definitely your best friend, no matter what’s the weather like, which is exactly why you should take our tip seriously and master this technique. Again, it’s essential during spring and fall, when the temperatures go from warm to chilly. Such fluctuations can easily make you sweat like crazy and then shiver with cold within minutes, so be sure to wear layers of clothes in order to prevent that. For example, you can wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath a dress, and a cute cardigan over it. Just add/remove the layers as necessary and you’ll be more than fine.

A leather backpack is an absolute must

When it comes to a bag you’ll carry around everywhere you go, we must say that a top-quality leather backpack should be your number one choice. First of all, it’s much better than an ordinary cross-body bag simply because the weight will be equally divided between the two straps, preventing back pain or strain. Besides that, a backpack makes storage super easy, as it has a lot of room to fit all your necessities – from a wallet and a smartphone to your travel documents, a bottle of water, healthy snacks, and other essentials. As it has multiple pockets and compartments, it will also allow you to keep your stuff organized and easy to reach, which is vital when you’re on the go.3

When in doubt, wear jeans

We’re sure that you already know that, but let’s say it once again – your favorite pair of jeans can be a true lifesaver, no matter the occasion! All kinds of jeans are more than fine – from black, blue, and grey to skinny, ripped, and boyfriend, and all you have to do is to pick a style you feel most comfortable in. everyone loves them because they go with literally anything – casual T-shirts, dressy button-downs, colorful scarves, cozy cardigans, and all kinds of jackets. Just pack a couple of pairs and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget the accessories either

Speaking of accessories, you should definitely go by the ‘less is more’ rule and use them sparingly for the best final result. Of course, statement pieces like a pair of long earrings and a massive necklace are always welcome, especially in simple, monochromatic clothing combos, but you should better tone down your everyday combos. Just complement them with pieces like a delicate necklace and a matching bracelet and you’re all done. Apart from these, you can also tie a silk scarf around the neck or add a brooch on your jacket lapel and you’ll master the art of accessorizing in no time.5

A bag of essential toiletries

Last but certainly not least, a bag of essential toiletries is also a huge must when it comes to your upcoming city break, so make sure to pack it wisely. First of all, you should get mini versions of your favorite products, as giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner will add too much weight to your bags. Besides that, you can also get a few samples of your trusty moisturizer, cleanser, and toner in a local department store, so that you can wear just the amount you’ll actually need. If you’re flying, just pop your toiletries in a transparent vanity bag and save some time at a security check.

As you can see, there are a lot of essentials you’ll need on an upcoming city break, so don’t wait any longer and go through our list before you start packing. Just don’t forget to stick to our tips and you’ll nail this task like a real pro, without a shadow of a doubt!