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Common Applications for Custom Nameplates

Nameplates may appear to be small and insignificant for some, but in reality are quite useful in a host of applications. When you hear about nameplates, the first thing that perhaps comes to mind are the tags people use on their uniforms to help people identify them. Many who work in the service industry have to wear such identification badges or nameplates. More than these, nameplates are functional in industrial, business, and even for product inventory applications.

brass-plaque-1559578_640Nameplates used in industrial applications

When used in industrial settings, custom nameplates need to be durable and withstand rugged use for a long time. These custom nameplates are typically made with hard metals like aluminium and stainless steel. In some instances, plastic may also be used as an alternative material in making nameplates because plastic does not rust. Mounting nameplates on industrial machinery also requires permanent mounting options such as stainless screws, rivets, and other heavy-duty materials.

Nameplates in industrial settings are used as tags for machinery and heavy equipment. Examples of information placed on nameplates include the machine’s make and model and the date it was acquired. These nameplates help in monitoring repairs, maintenance, as well as for keeping an inventory of each piece of equipment used on site.

Nameplates used in offices

Nameplates are often seen on office desks or cubicles to identify its occupant. Office nameplates are usually made using industrial grade materials like aluminium and stainless steel. Another material commonly used to make office nameplates are layers of acrylic. Office nameplates look more decorative where the engraved text is filled in so that the letters easily stand out. Office nameplates come in a variety of designs such as standalone pieces or those that are wall-mounted using holders. Wall-mounted office nameplates are preferable for office cubicles because it is easy to replace the nameplate when a new occupant has to take over the position.

Customising options for nameplates

Companies that produce custom nameplates have different customisation procedures. Traditionally, if you are looking to have nameplates customised, you’ll need to contact the company through written requests. Repeated contact can be time-consuming especially if you need to make changes to the design.

One of the most convenient ways to order custom nameplates is through companies that process orders online. If possible, look for a company that allows you to order and design custom nameplates through online tools. This process saves you time and is more convenient than having to contact the company by phone or by sending in a written request.

Another benefit of designing and ordering your custom nameplates online is that you can already see what the finished product looks like. There won’t be any surprises down the line, and you are less likely to be disappointed when you finally receive your order. But these online designing platforms also have limitations, so you may still need to get in touch with the company’s support line for additional requests if necessary. Nonetheless, custom nameplate orders done online should save you time and get your order processed sooner.