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Designing My New Office

It is one of those rare moments in life when you know you have really made it. There are the undeniable signs for all the world to see that you are a success.
Moving out of the bunk bed and into a bed where you can’t touch the edges. The day that you order a wine, knowing that it’s a great vintage. Or even sitting in your brand-new car for the very first time and knowing that you’ve worked hard to earn this seat.

businessman-chairs-facial-expression-716411Well this week, I had one of those moments. I was called into Human Resources and I wasn’t sure what for. After the initial shock and nerves calmed down, I found out that I had earned a promotion up to an office. Our whole building is open plan for almost everyone, except on each floor there are a handful of highly desired offices.
I had lucked into one of these, not because I was in a management role, but purely because I was working on some sensitive data.
Being a data nerd, my thoughts immediately went straight into a geeky world of possibilities. How would I decorate my office? What posters would I put up? Could I make it look anything like the plans I had seen of Dumbledore’s office from Harry Potter?

I had some pretty wild and varied ideas straight off the bat, but then I was presented with the real options and I actually saw some things I wanted. It only took me about ten minutes of looking at before I had already found a lovely corner desk which would be perfect for my screens and laptop docking station.
The drawers would match and slide right underneath, whilst the chair was going to be my biggest slice of the budget. If I was going to be going into an office, I wanted a very comfortable office chair.
I imagined myself sat in this huge leather clad chair, staring out the windows, figuring out how to solve the most difficult of problems, then spinning around and developing the solution. To say that I geeked out over the whole process, would be an understatement. I had only found out that I was getting an office mere minutes ago, and yet I had already redesigned the world and made me the most important person in it.

It is amazing the impact a small thing like being offered an office can give to you. It represents more than just the four walls; it is all about the privacy and the ability to seclude yourself and perform at your absolute best.
The quiet confines of the office are designed to allow everyone to work to their maximum and the designs I had in mind would not only allow that, but make sure that I loved walking into work every morning. It was giving me that renewed sense of self-worth and of being valued by the company I had worked for, for the last seven years.