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Don’t Let Your Disability Stop You Going To Uni

With A Live In Carer Supporting You, There’s Nothing You Can’t Achieve

More and more disabled students are employing the help of a carer to help them get through uni, and it’s a great idea.

Starting university is an exciting and scary time. You’re about to enter a whole new phase of your life, one that will really influence the course that your career and personal life takes over the next few years. It’s a nerve-wracking time for anyone, but even more so for a young person with a disability. For some young people, the thought of trying to navigate all that university entails with the added worry of a disability is so daunting, they don’t pursue a degree. Well, there’s no reason why you can’t do it! With the help of a carer, you can head off to university with complete confidence. action-1846427_640Picking your carer

First things first, how do you go about choosing a carer? After all, it’s vital that you find one who is the right match for you. Well, you should only ever hire a live in care giver through a reputable provider. Independent People Homecare are one of the leading providers of live in care for young disabled people, and they’ll do their best to match you to a carer you’re going to get along with. It’s vital that you feel happy and relaxed in their company, and thanks to their extensive training, they’ll put you at ease straight away.

Everyday support

Your carer will be there to help you to complete everyday tasks so you can focus on your studies. You may find that keeping on top of household chores is something that you struggle with – which with the workload that comes with studying, will be ever more of an uphill struggle. Well, a carer can take care of all of that. The same goes for things like cooking and shopping. Yes, students famously don’t eat well, but with your carer looking after you, you won’t be surviving on instant noodles and beans on toast! With the burden of those tasks lifted, you can concentrate on your course and making new friends.

You’ll grow in confidence

Your live in carer will help you to build up your confidence as you prepare for an exciting new stage in your life. They won’t only help you out at home, but they’ll be able to help you get to your lessons at uni if you need them to. Just knowing that they are there will allow you to gradually start pushing yourself and seeing just how capable you are. As well as your carer, your university should have a dedicated disability support department as well. So don’t forget to get in touch with them before you start, and take advantage of all the help they can offer you.

Your carer will be there every step of the way

University is a scary prospect, there’s no doubt about it! One thing that that you won’t have to worry about is your disability, not when you have a dedicated carer to help you out at every turn. So if there’s a subject you’ve always had a passion for or a place where you have always wanted to study, just go for it! Disability should never be a barrier to success, and with the right support there’s no reason why you can’t do well at university and beyond.