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Everything You Need to Know About Aparthotels

Travelling requires thorough planning – the activities to do, places to go, and a place to stay. You can stress about the first two, but not anymore with the last one. You don’t have to go over multiple hotels to see which one has the best services that will still keep you within your budget. Choose a serviced apartment instead. If you are travelling to Scotland, there are aparthotels in Glasgow that you can pick rather than a hotel. Is an aparthotel a new term for you? Here is everything you need to know about this new lodging craze that’s sweeping the globe.

apartment-1822409_640Serviced apartment

Aparthotel is a term coined to mean accommodation with the homey comforts of an apartment but with the world-class services of a hotel. It is basically a serviced apartment, where you rent it for a few days up to a few weeks or months and have the 24-hour service providers at your beck and call.

Family friendly

A serviced apartment is more spacious than a conventional hotel room, and it has more rooms: a bedroom or two, a kitchen and living room. You can only have this much space if you rent a hotel suite, which is very costly. With an aparthotel, kids have ample space to play and roam around. Parents can set up a play area, whether in the bedroom or the living room so that kids will have endless activities to do while indoors. They can also cook healthy meals for the kids, especially if they have specific dietary requirements. Kids also produce the dirtiest laundry, and a serviced apartment usually has a washer and dryer for DIY laundry. You can save more if you do the laundry yourself.

Services available

Just like a hotel, an aparthotel also offers services such as room service (if you’re too tired to cook), laundry service (if the laundry is piling up) and room service. There are so many other services you can get in a serviced apartment. You may coordinate with the concierge to arrange transportation for you, or if you have a car, reserve a parking spot in the garage. You don’t have to worry about a thing when staying at an aparthotel because all the amenities and facilities are available to all guests.

Aparthotels are everywhere

You may think that this type of accommodation is relatively new, but they have actually been in the industry for a long time. Anywhere you need a place to stay other than a hotel; you can find a serviced apartment like Doral apartments in the city that you are travelling to.

So, if you are planning to travel anywhere in the world, skip the hotel and enjoy the comforts of a serviced apartment. You will soon learn that it is a better alternative, which will not break your travel budget as it is cheaper than staying in a hotel. You get to save more if you are staying for an extended period in a specific city.