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Fancy That! Great savings on Spring Projects

It’s spring, so you know what a “young man’s fancy” is going to do.  Well, the poem says it, “lightly turns to thoughts of love”.  But for some men, love could mean their home and garden equipment.  Well, if this describes your man, young or not, now is the time to encourage him to get cracking on those DIY projects he’s dreamt of all winter long. 

Even if he’s yet to finish the latch on the gate he worked on last year, or hasn’t touched the molding on the French doors, don’t discourage him by pointing out these unfinished projects.  Just lead him to the Groupon Coupon page for your local B&Q.  He will be utterly surprised by the amount of money he can save.  And he won’t believe the wide range of products he can apply a handy online coupon to.  We all know that B&Q stocks over 40,000 items in their stores.  Don’t send him there, he’ll just get all distracted, and you’ll never get the latch fixed.  Show him how easy it is to order the parts he needs online, and how easy it is to apply the coupon.  He’ll really fall in love when the package arrives and he can get right to work.  And he’ll love you for helping him get free shipping because his order exceeded £50.  Well, considering all the past projects he has to finish, that was the easy part.


For decades B&Q has been the best place in the UK for building supplies of all sorts.  The stores are huge, and you can spend hours just strolling from rack to rack, dreaming of how lovely your bath would look with this glass tile, or that full body shower.  Gardening supplies, appliances, lumber, you can find it all at your local B&Q, and for some men, that’s the problem.  They get so caught up in the sensory overload, they can’t focus.   End all the confusion by helping him shop online, and show him how easy it is to use a coupon to save more on items online than he would in the store.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson got it right.  Spring does affect a young man.  And with Groupon Coupon savings at B&Q, there’s one more thing for him to love.