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From Bad Days to Good Nights: Apps and Gadgets That Will Help You Relax Fast

Some days just don’t turn out the way you plan them and that can leave your feeling stressed and frazzled by the end of the day. Add a long commute to all that frustration and by the time you get home you will probably feeling anxious, which can make it hard to relax and hard to get to sleep at night. Here are some apps and gadgets that can help turn any bad day into a good night.


Banish Stress

The Relax Pro is an innovative new device to help you de-stress when you can’t do it all by yourself. The device stimulates the back of your neck and you control it with an app on your smartphone. It transmits low electrical pulses which stimulate the nerves in your neck.

Learn to Meditate

Unlike many meditation trackers as well as giving advice on how to improve your meditation skills, Sattva also keeps an eye on your sessions and tracks your heart rate (using the phone’s sensor) and your mood. It also has motivational challenges to inspire you to meditate regularly and gives you trophies and milestones.

Improve Your Mood

If you’ve had a bad day Pacifica can help to lighten your mood. The app has a variety of experiments and exercises to help you feel better. It tracks your mood and health habits in order to try and encourage you to build a positive disposition. It also features muscle relaxation and breathing exercises.

Try Something New

It is very important to think about what and when you are going to do and plan evything ahead, but don’t forget that you also have to entertain yourself. What should you do then, espicialy if you travel somewhere? One of the unusual things I may suggest you to think about is male sex toys. It grows in popularity really quick nowadays. It can help with relieving stress, and can also be a fun exercise. So if you are interested then consider finding out more info about sex toys online.

Relax With an Aquarium

LumiLIFE is the world’s first robotic fish. The fish and its smart tank are powered wirelessly. This aquarium is designed to brighten up the atmosphere of any room and will cheer you up in no time at all. You can change to colors of the tank and fish using a mobile app as well as interact with your new pet. The fish will swim and glow without stopping thanks to the USB base which is activated via a transmitter. You can preorder your fish from Indiegogo.

Slip Gently Into Slumber

Alarm Clock for Me is not just an alarm clock; it’s also a sleeping aid. You simply set a timer then you can choose to listen to soothing white noise, or if you prefer, your favorite tunes, so it can lull you gently to sleep. You can set an alarm for the next morning and it will wake you just as gently with soothing music, so you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed.

Use these apps and gadgets to make sure that even a really bad day will get better!