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From Wedding Bells to En Prison – Honeymoon Casino Style

En prison rule, is an expression in roulette that is also known as “the surrender” rule.
A good pun for newlyweds who share a passion for the casino that recently tied the knot.

Even if you live in a country or you live so remote that there are no land based casinos, you have perhaps or you certainly can experience the thrills of casino table games online at one of the many casinos now available to you via the internet. You will find not only live casino table games but all your favorite slots in the comfort of your home. A guide by casino experts can be a place to start if you want to get a taste of the online experience. You can play slots side by side together in your pyjamas whenever you feel like it.

But let’s face it, live online casinos is not as good as it gets. It is the best alternative for gaming enthusiastic lovebirds everywhere with no access to the real thing, sometimes you close your eyes and float up the red carpet at a brick and mortar casino. Your partner in crime looking as dapper as you as you glide through the room towards the roulette table, cocktail in hand, soaking up the glamour through every pore. You feel and act like a winner. Very easy to imagine from home with the dog whining to go walkies and the laptop in need of recharging.

Why Honeymoon casino-style is so popular?

All couples look forward to this part of the wedding the most. All the stress of planning, rehearsing, paying for, getting through the ceremony and dealing with your guests and family is finally over.

A sexy honeymoon and the choice of destination depends on the couple’s common interests. Some are keen divers and naturally opt for the Barrier reef. Some are wildlife lovers and go on safari in Africa. And, like the ones we are focusing on, choose their sexy honeymoon at a world-renowned casino.

Opposites attract, but when it comes to choosing the perfect honeymoon like birds of a feather have better luck. No point speeding up the divorce by being at a casino resort if only one of you enjoy gambling. This must be a common passion.

If casinos are your thing, check out some of our top pics of casino hotels where there is room for both romance and some serious Blackjack action.

Best Casino’s destination for a honeymoon jackpot

Venetian in Macao

This hotel is actually bigger than many in Las Vegas. Yes, its hard to believe, but the Venetian has become legendary for honeymooners and other couples combining tropical paradise, romance and thrills at the roulette table.

Bellagio in Las Vegas

Voted number 11 as most romantic hotel in Vegas by, an independent hotel comparison site, Bellagio is an Italian inspired 36 storey hotel fronted with a 8 acre lake complete with dancing fountains. Las Vegas is perhaps not as unromantic as you might imagine. You have so many options of things to see and do outside the casino you will wish you stayed another week.

Sam’s Town in Shreveport

Although much was ruined in Louisiana with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the riverboat casino experience. Although gambling laws now no longer require the casino boats to leave port, you can still get a feel for the way it must have been in the roaring 1920s.

Caesars Casino in Las Vegas

Quote from the movie Hangover:
Alan Garner: “You probably get this a lot. This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?”

Lisa: “What do you mean?”
Alan Garner: “Did, umm… did Caesar live here?”

This is the ultimate treat in opulence and extravagant entertainment for newlyweds. Don’t forget to do what many non US visitors do in Vegas: Get married again! This time just for fun!

You know what they say, “No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying”. Why don’t you try out your own telepathy, Rain Man style, at the games tables and between tangled sheets. At the very least you will be eachother’s lucky charms.