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Get a Pair of Converse on My Feet

There are few shoes in the world which are quite as iconic as a pair of Converse. They create an immediate impression on everyone who looks at them and dreams of one day owning their own pair.

The look is so classic that it has become known as the Converse look. Originally a canvas pair of basketball shoes with a white rubber sole. It was the ring of white around the bottom of the shoe which helped to create this legendary look.

pexels-photo (6)You can show people a pair of Converse and they know exactly what they are and what they are about. They just shout sporting style and performance. This was exactly the reason why I have always wanted one. I grew up on the adverts with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson posing in their basketball uniforms and showing off their Converse. I had little idea about basketball and who they were but intrinsically I knew I needed these shoes.

I didn’t even play basketball.

Then the advertising progressed away from the mainstream and into the counter culture. This was perfect for me as I was doing exactly the same. I was rebelling against the likes of Nike and Adidas, but I wasn’t really a hardcore rebel and therefore couldn’t justify wearing a pair of Dr. Martens. The Converse rebellion was perfect for me.

Shoes are boring, wear sneakers.

What more did I need to be told? I knew I wasn’t boring and there was no way that my shoes would be boring either. I needed to have the shoes to match my personality and suddenly I was going to call them sneakers.

It became a symbol of the rebellion, I wasn’t wearing your stereotypical sports jock or bookworm, I was just another teenager trying to break away from the rules and routine of their parents. I might have done it in a very polite way and not bothered with shaving my head, but needless to say, I was rebelling.

Now there are only two styles of shoes in my wardrobe; there’s my collection of nice shoes for work and going out, then there’s my collection of Converse which I still think are the most comfortable shoes, sorry sneakers, in the world. A good sale will see me snapping up bargain after bargain. I wear them so much that I can honestly justify buying so may pairs.

A couple of my pairs have been retired as historic relics from a by-gone era. I can’t bring myself to throw them away because they just remind me of too many great times, so they just sit in my wardrobe waiting for their last chance to shine and parade around again.

The issue is that whilst I can find a new pair on lovethesales, I will never need to bring these out of retirement. Still it is nice to keep them and think that one day I’ll wear them again and remember the first time I walked down the street in them and enjoy the old memories.