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Guide to Thailand

Have a break and get fit in one holiday


Are you considering going to Thailand this year?  We take a look at some good reasons why a holiday in Thailand is a healthy one.  You need not worry about putting on any holiday weight or worrying about the stress at home with a Thailand fitness break:

  1. Situated in the south east of Asia, this vibrant country is heavily influenced by Buddhism.  Temples can be located all through the country and they play a heavy role in the culture of Thailand.
  2. A holiday in Thailand does not need to break the bank; it is still fairly cheap to visit.  As the local currency is baht there are still some excellent exchange rate deals to be had.  Did you know that a hotdog in Thailand costs as little as £0.40p when in England you can pay £2 in many areas.
  3. Lots of people all over the world enjoy Thai food from their local restaurant but nothing beats going to Thailand to experience local cuisine.  In addition to this their foods are well known for containing incredible health benefits.  Lots of the herbs used are powerful disease fighting ones.
  4. Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world.  The majority of these gorgeous beaches are located in Phuket (a popular resort for tourists).  There is so much to do in Thailand – something for everyone which is one lots of people return here each year.
  5. Thailand is home of Thai boxing/Muay Thai.  A martial art that utilises the whole body.
  6. “Land of Smiles” – it is not surprising why it is called this.  Not only do tourists fall in love with Thailand when they visit due to its culture, richness of history and its natural beauty, the people of Thailand are a joy to be around.  They welcome tourists with open arms.  A nice touch for those that have not been here before.
  7. Visitors can enjoy the warm tropical climate all year round.  But if you are planning on visiting northern regions such as Chiang it is worth noting that the weather is milder and much cooler.  What better way to exercise and blow away the cobwebs than in a country that has spectacular sceneries to breathe in?  The perfect way to distress and to take in some Vitamin D.
  8. Thailand has some of the most luxurious spas in the entire world and you can expect to be treated like royalty.  Many of these health spas have fitness boot camps attached to them.  And then after a long day of burning calories relax with a massage or a Pilate’s session.
  9. Don’t worry about any cultural concerns when working out.  It is very likely you will be trained by a western professional.  This is because lots of qualified professionals love the lifestyle so much they choose Thailand as their based.