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Hair Loss and Wigs Between Young Man

In the past many years, hair loss for humans seems to be the patent of the old man. However, today, this is a phenomenon that occurs in young people, especially young male adults. For this group, they never thought they would lose hair before becoming old.

What people can not deny is that hair loss has become a social fact what Emile Durkheim has said for man. In the street, there may be a young man whose hairline has declined to the middle of the head. There may be a man who looks like fifty but the real age is twenty-five because of the hair loss.

The Hair Loss Level:

According to the medical, a young man who loses 50 to 60 hairs a day is normal, but it is abnormal that the losing hair exceeds over 100. Commonly, according to the severity of hair loss, it is divided into 7 levels.

Grade one alopecia:

The hairline is normal.

Grade two alopecia:

The hairline recedes and the forehead is slightly high.

Grade three alopecia:

The hairline obviously recedes.

Grade four alopecia:

The forehead is bald and the overall hair volume on the head is very thin.

Grade five alopecia:

The area of hair loss is relatively large and has a broken area in the middle area.

Grade six alopecia:

The hair in the forehead mostly disappears, the trend of backward is more obvious.

Grade seven alopecia:

The only hair can be seen in the back of the occipital area and around the ear temples.

Why losing hair:

According to the medical, reason of alopecia has ten types. This article will set aside the other seven reasons and mainly focus on the three reasons which relate to young male adults.

(1)Neurogenic Alopecia:

For a young man who graduates from university, it is a large pressure to get a stable, ideal job and rent a house. At the same time, In working, you have to face the difficulty of work independently. Additionally, it is universal to stay up late to finish work. The work pressure and irregular work and rest will cause hair loss.

(2) Chemical Alopecia:

Whether for man or woman, pursuing beauty is a man’s natural right. However, to become beautiful to perm and dye hair will damage the hair quality and hair loss.

(3)Physical Alopecia

In fact, the ponytail style will make your hair become thin on the forehead.

Why wigs?

Compared with wigs, hair transplant is not only a high-cost program but also the effect is hard to estimate. A man who transplant hair becomes bald is also common. Choosing a wig not only reduces investment in personal care but also gives you a different style which will increase the dating chances. why do not choose? you can get high-quality wigs at Lavivid.