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How Is Technology Helping More Sports Reach Larger, Newer Audiences?

Sport is a major part of our society and something that many people love to get involved with in their spare time. Watching sport is particularly popular and this is true for any of the major ones such as football, cricket or rugby. Football for example is now thought to have around 4bn worldwide followers, which shows how popular it is. This gets even more interesting when you consider how football is still being discovered in places like the USA, where it is beginning to really gain in popularity. 

This shows that the real secret to any sport achieving growth is being able to reach new audiences and pull in larger numbers of fans. The increasing pull of football in new territories is a big reason why it has so many fans and is arguably the world’s number one sport. Technology has been a major reason behind this kind of expansion into new areas by sports. 

iphone-472197_640But how does tech enable this to happen?

Internet streaming of games 

Of course, the internet is the one overarching piece of technology which underpins many advances of sports into new markets. It simply gives them a global reach and allows them to access places which they might not have been able to before. Internet streaming of games is one classic example. This means that people can watch or catch up with games anywhere in the world, even if their local TV station does not show that sport. By using technology in this way, it allows sports to always be available and connect directly with people to win over more fans.

Online sports betting

Another cool way that tech is helping sports to reach new people is through online sports betting. As with live streaming, this gives people a new avenue to learn more about different sports and enables individual sports to win new fans. Ice hockey is a great example here as it is a game which could use tech like this to gain a larger audience. The ice hockey with latest news online sportsbook shows how this works in action and what a great channel these sites are for sports attempting to increase their reach worldwide. 

Social media

When we are talking about games like ice hockey or basketball reaching new audiences, social media is a key tech tool for them to use. Big name sites like Twitter or Instagram have billions of users between them, which makes them perfect for sports to market themselves on. By posting exciting news, thrilling video or cool pictures, they can break into new markets which may not have been possible before. Social media platforms give sports direct access to the global market as they can be accessed anywhere in the world which has an internet connection. 

Mobile apps

Smartphones are a massive part of how we live now and one of the most important tech advances of recent years. They are also a key piece of tech for sports trying to enter new markets and win new fans. This is not only due to the number of people who own a mobile phone to engage with but also how easy mobile apps make this. There are lots of mobile apps for people to download now which can bring them into various sports via their smartphone. Very often, this can be mobile app news sites which can show them stories about sports they have not considered before to get them interested. As with the other tech mentioned here, the global nature of mobile apps is perfect for gaining ground in new areas.

Sports video games 

Many people play sports video games now, whether it playing games on a PC or a console. This is another example of how technology has given sports a hand in breaking into new audiences. If people play a video game which they find cool, then they will be more likely to give the sport it is based on a go in real life or start to support it. Big franchises like FIFA in football also help to give sports massive worldwide exposure and promote them to the public in new places.

Where will tech head next for sport?

The above shows just how technology has helped an increasing number of sports connect with new, bigger audiences. It really is all about offering a truly global reach and being able to converse with new fans in the most engaging way. With tech advances like VR in sport for a more immersive viewing experience on the way, the above could be just the tip of the iceberg.