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How to choose a wedding limousine company

One of the numerous areas of the organisation of any wedding is the transportation you would like to take you to and from the ceremony and the reception and how you would like your guests to be looked after in terms of ensuring they arrive in style and on time. It’s also vital that you arrive looking refreshed and relaxed as well as feeling at your best on such an important day.  There are some great choices of vehicle available from companies such as Fl Limousine such as a Ford Expedition, a  classic Cadillac or even a stretched Hummer so it’s all about what fits your needs.

There are numerous rental companies vying for your business and you need to have peace of mind that you’ll choose one which will live up to their online marketing promises. To be able to breathe a sigh of relief and know that the transport will take care of itself on the big day, look around well in advance of your wedding date before choosing a company.

wedding couple indoor the limousine at wedding

Length of time in business

The company you want to use should be experts in their industry with a number of years of successful operation. Don’t automatically discount new companies though as it could be they are being run by someone who has gained experienced with larger companies and has decided to open their own limousine rental service.


By all means read online reviews when checking out a limo hire company but first hand experience is always the most reliable way to find out how a company operates. Talk to friends or family who have used a limo company to ask how it went for them and whether they would recommend them to you.


Unless you really have no choice, never rely on photos of the cars on the internet. Take a trip to the company and ask to view the limousines for yourself. Check both inside and out to see how they look when cleaned and on show as well as the overall condition of any you are particularly interested in hiring.

Opening hours

A  limousine hire business which has  somebody available to take a call day or night is the most preferable. Companies which offer airport transfers usually operate 24 hours a day but if the rental service you want to use only deals with occasions such as a wedding or a prom, ask if they have an emergency  out of hours number.

Size of the fleet

A large fleet doesn’t necessarily guarantee a high quality business but it will give you the opportunity to look at a broad range of vehicles available. Smaller companies may have cars suitable for an airport run but they may not be geared up to the requirements of transport for a wedding. Look for a company which is of a size that they know how to handle a wedding reservation and can also guarantee you that the car you see is the one which will arrive.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Any reputable limo hire company will always answer your questions in full without giving you the silent treatment on email or never returning calls. They will welcome your request to see the vehicles, be pleased to explain their safety policies and show you necessary documentation such as liability insurance to back up their reputation.