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How To Choose Your Dream Home

Everyone has dreamt of their dream home at some point in their lives. When we’re young, we think of our dream prom dress, and perhaps our first car, but when life becomes a little more serious, we think of the place we are one day going to call home, with our family. Home is where the heart is, as that’s the place where a family makes life-long memories – and we can’t wait to begin the life we have envisioned, in a home that we have always dreamt of.

Dream HomeFinding the home that fits your idea of a ‘dream home’, can be a little challenging – unless you build the home from scratch. But, if you are looking to buy an already built house, you’re probably going to have to settle (sorry to break it to you). The picture you have in your minds eye, is never going to suddenly appear in real life – you may find a home that closely resembles your perfect home, but you’ll most likely not find the exact thing.

So, how exactly does one go about this – because as women, we know what we want, and we ain’t gonna settle for less! Well, we have some awesome tips on how to choose the home that perfectly fits your vision. We have tips that you may not have thought of yet, but that make a lot of sense – and, will have you smiling from ear to ear, once you’ve used them. Because we pretty much guarantee you’ll find your perfect match, after this!

Make a List

The first bit of advice we can give, before jumping into the gist of it, is to write down all the things you envision in your dream home, that you wouldn’t want to give up. Look into your minds eye, and identify why your dream home is your dream home. Is it the large windows that go from ceiling to floor, is it the big garden filled with delicate flowers, is it the sun that streams through the living room? There’s definitely more than one reason why it’s your ideal home – now, write these factors down.

One thing you need to remember, however, is that these factors aren’t necessarily going to feature in an already built space. You may need to do some simple alterations to get the desired look. But, the list makes the rest of the tips, much easier and gives you a better idea of what you should look for, in order to find your dream home!


I’m quite certain that your dream home has good lighting. No-one wants to stay in a gloomy, cold house. When you’re house-hunting, make sure to take note of the amount of light the home gets. The best way to identify this, is to visit the potential abode, in the day time. This will help you to make an informed decision, about whether the home is the perfect fit or not. However, if your dream home is one that’s dark – then, by all means, pick and choose with this in mind!


Take note of the amount of space in the home. Sometimes, there is already furniture in the house, which makes it difficult to see whether or not the space is indeed, spacious. Try to visualise the home without all the bell and whistles. If it’s difficult to freely move around the space, or the furniture looks rather cramped, perhaps make the decision to look elsewhere. Ultimately, you want a home that allows ease of movement, and compliments your furniture, instead of making it look ‘squeezed in’.

Good Air Flow

Good air-flow is a must, and it surprisingly makes a space a whole lot more inviting. Good air flow is achieved through a good amount of windows and doors, of course – but they need to be in the right places! Keep a mental note of this, and make sure there are windows in the bathroom and the kitchen – this is vital!

Amenities You Can’t Do Without

There are certain amenities that we can’t do without, in our dream home and we’d preferably like them to be there, without us having to fuss about it once we have moved in. These include: a pool, a garden, an entertainment area, a garage, etc. Remember, these should have been written down in the beginning, so that you can refer to them, and make sure that all your boxes are ticked, before signing on the dotted line!


If you are the kind of person that finds solace in beautiful views, then choose a home that fills this need! Perhaps you want an ocean view, a forest backdrop or just a simple beautiful garden view to lose your mind in – this should never be forgotten about, when picking your perfect palace!


In this day and age, it’s vital that you take into consideration the safety aspects of your home. Make sure you know whether or not the house has an alarm, fencing – and most importantly, is situated in a safe area. There’s no point in finding your dream home, only top feel unsafe and uneasy, while living there.