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How to Excel at Work from Home

Many people who had previously never considered working from home have, of late, found themselves forced into a doing exactly that – and many of them are thriving, loving the blurring of the previously sharp divide between work and home. If you are still trying to find that perfect balance between working from home and being off duty, here are some tips to help you get centred.

Work in Place

Have a dedicated place that is just for your work. If possible, use the spare room if you have one, but a home office can be set up in a corner of the kitchen, living room or even squeezed onto the landing. Once your work place, be it a whole room or just a nook, is set up, use it only for your work. Children’s homework, cozy fireplace with klin dried logs, your partner’s work station, a fun place to sit – your work space is none of these, and that should be even more strictly maintained if you are using your employer’s equipment at home, or even using your own device to access a business intranet or network.

Communication is Key

Not being under your manager’s eye all the time can lead to suspicions that you are not working as hard as you would in an office environment. This can be frustrating if you have, in fact, been working hard, albeit unproductively – phone calls that go unanswered, emails awaiting replies, and generally struggling to finalise figures or analyse reports. Make sure your manager knows what you plan to achieve that day, and notify them when you step away for a minute, whether it is to answer the door, make a hungry child a snack or to pop to the loo. Not only will this reassure them that they are up-to-date with your progress, it covers you in the event that the postman chats for a few minutes, or your child needs a few extra minutes’ of your attention before settling back down.

Even when you are taking a lunch break, you should get up, move away from the workspace and enjoy a few minutes of downtime while you eat, browse the internet or have a flutter by finding a no deposit bonus casino UK site! Not only will this protect your business’s private data, you will feel refreshed and ready for whatever the afternoon has in stock for you.

Dress for Success

This pointer is actually optional, as some people are perfectly happy and comfortable working in their lounge clothes or pyjamas. If you are one of those who cannot put your work head on without the right business-like attire, then dress for working from home just as you would when travelling to the office. There is an added advantage to this if your boss suddenly needs to call an urgent meeting and puts on a video call with only a few minutes’ notice – you are ready for the camera the whole day, so there is no need to rush around with hair-brush in hand to make yourself look presentable!