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How to Make your Airport Experience a Great Start to the Holiday

We all look forward to our summer holidays.  It gives us a chance to relax, recharge and get a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  The planning and the travelling element of it can still sometimes cause anxiety for people though. What if we miss our flight?  What happens if it’s delayed? There are lots of what ifs. Here we discuss how to make your experience a great start to your holiday.

adult-airport-arrival-1008155Book Travel Arrangements to the Airport in Advance

Most airports offer top parking options these days.  The official Bristol airport parking facilities for example are fantastic.  You can book your parking well in advance – and it just takes a couple of minutes using their online form to do so.  The silver zone Bristol airport offers allows you to check your car as well as your keys at the reception at the car park.  At which point an insured member of the team will take your car to its designated area – and all you need to do is make your way to our flight.  You can also rest assured that your car will be completely secure with CCTV, and 24/7 monitoring. There are also premium parking options you can make use of such as the Bristol meet and greet valet parking options. Check the official Bristol airport parking site for availability.

Treat yourself to the Airport Lounge

One thing that people always look to do when they get to the airport, is log into the WiFi.  When you invest in airport executive lounge options. Not only would you then get access to super-fast WiFi – but you will also get additional benefits.  This typically includes light refreshments, teas and coffees, sandwiches and there is even a bar serving beers, wines and spirits in a lot of airport lounges.  It gives you a nice place to relax when waiting for your flight rather than having to fight for a seat at a busy airport. It’s usually a much more calming atmosphere, and all of the relevant info for your flight will be displayed there too.

Make Sure there is Time to Shop

The Duty-Free shop is a big part of the airport experience.  This is where you will find makeup, alcohol, perfumes and aftershaves, sweets and more – all at a much cheaper rate than you would expect to pay at regular shops and stores.  There is always lots of things to look at – so it’s a good idea to arrive in plenty of time to give you a chance to look around. Treat yourself to something nice, whether it be your favourite perfume – or some luxury brand makeup.  There are usually much more shops to check out as well as duty-free. You could find yourself with some brand-new accessories for your holiday – or even a great new book for the plane.

Dine in one of the Nice Restaurants

Long gone are the days where you would find just fast-food restaurants at airports.  These days you can dine in some great establishments and get yourself fed and watered before your trip.  You will find restaurants owned by top celebrity chefs in some places such as Jamie Oliver, or Gordon Ramsey.  They are also well aware that people need to be served quickly as you could have one eye on the board looking for your departure gate – so you can expect great service too. You can have a look at the airport facilities on the website before you go and select your favourite venue.  

Plan Some Entertainment for Delays

Delays are always a big bugbear when it comes to flying to a destination.  It is often people’s wort nightmare when told they will have a flight delay of a few hours and need to wait at the airport.  The reality is though, it’s not so bad – and you can make the most of it. There are all the activities mentioned above that you can enjoy – and the key is also to be prepared.  Is there a boxset you have been meaning to watch for ages?  Is there a book that you have wanted to read for a while, but not had the chance?  Make sure you download things on your tablet or Kindle to make sure you have lots to do should that be the case.  That way, a flight delay can actually end up being a relaxing experience rather than a stressful one.

If you do normally find your trip to the airport a bit of a pain rather than a great starting point to your holiday – hopefully these handy tips will make the experience much better for you.  There is lots to do, and lots of fun to be had – so make sure you enjoy it.