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How To Manage Your Holiday Home When You’re Away

The reasons why holiday homes are so popular are easy to see, from having your own personal home to holiday in with your own things, to it being cheaper overall than staying in a hotel each time you go. Holiday homes also give you the flexibility to head over whenever you like and for as long as you like. It has been reported that around 3.5 million Brits have second homes, for example, of which many are holiday homes in foreign countries.

holiday-house-177403_640How can you manage this type of property when you are back in your own country?

Looking after your holiday home – the basics

When it comes to managing a home that is hundreds or thousands of miles away from you, it is naturally a bit tricky. However, the below will help you do it effectively:

  • Hire a housekeeper one great way that many people manage their holiday home is to hire a housekeeper to keep it in order until they return. There are even management companies now that can do this for you for a fee. The great thing about this is that it keeps a constant presence in the holiday home and means that it is always ready when you fly back over.
  • Keep it well maintained to make sure that it is safe to leave and will be in good shape when you return, maintain your holiday home well. This will mean that there should be nothing to go wrong while you are away and nothing that will need urgently repairing until you return.
  • Ask the locals – if you do not want the expense of hiring a housekeeper, then you could always ask your neighbours or friends abroad to keep tabs on your holiday home when you’re not there. If you leave your email address or mobile number, then they can give you a call if anything untoward happens.
  • Think about security measures in addition to people keeping an eye on it for you, you may want to invest in security measures such as alarms or CCTV cameras that can give you remote access. This will give you full control in managing your holiday home when you’re not there.

What about the finances?

Of course, there will probably be some need to transfer money from where you live to the holiday home’s country at some point when you’re not there. The main reason for this is usually unexpected property maintenance that you have to arrange and pay for, though it could be to pay for the housekeeping staff you hire. Money transfer companies are the best way do this for the reduced fees and convenience they offer. Luckily, it is not hard to find a money transfer bureau in London – these can help you to transfer money from your UK account to an international account.  

Holiday homes are cool

If you own a holiday home abroad already, then you will know how awesome they are. They give the opportunity to simply hop on a plane whenever you like and enjoy as many holidays as you can handle each year. The above tips should give you some great ways to keep it safe and in good order when back home.