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How to Write Better Email Newsletters Using MailChimp

An email newsletter is a type of email communication that is sent to keep your audience up to date with all the latest news, tips, and updates from your company. In your newsletter, you can include information about what has been going on behind the scenes with your business and inform your subscribers about your products and services.

MailChimp is one of the most widely known email marketing platforms. Businesses in various sectors can use it to create marketing communications like newsletters at the click of a button. However, not all companies know how to write email newsletters that get results. So, let us discuss 3 tips that you can use to create better email newsletters. 

Make Your Content Relevant to Your Readers

When writing an email newsletter, your content must appeal to your subscribers. Always try to give your readers what they need and make your newsletter as useful as possible. Your subscribers do not have time to scour the internet for information about your products and services, so a newsletter is your chance to do this for them. Connect with the people that are interested in your company by sharing only the best information. For example, if you have access to a list of readers in a certain area, or in a specific age bracket, you can tailor your newsletter to contain content that appeals to their interests. To learn more about filtering your contacts in this way, take a look at this guide to mailchimp outlook integration.

It is no secret that people are inundated with emails. Consequently, a short and easy to read message with limited content is much more likely to be read than a verbose email. Just remember to link back to your website at least once. Email newsletters do not have to be complex to make an impact either. If you are not sure where to begin, look to other newsletters that you enjoy reading for inspiration and apply your own flair and personal touch to what they do to make it your own. Quite often, the simplest layouts are the most effective so try not to be distracted by flashy elements or crowded background images.

Consistency is Key

Committing to a regular newsletter is a huge responsibility. Moreover, if you have told your subscribers that they can expect content on a regular basis then you must fulfil this promise. This means that information about special offers, upcoming events, or any other relevant content should be delivered in a timely manner. Correspondingly, in order for your newsletter to achieve results, you need to be posting consistently. Depending on your business and the preferences of your subscribers, a monthly newsletter might be all it takes. No matter how often you decide to commit towards, be sure to check that you have enough time to gather content so that your newsletter can be sent and received in a timely manner.

At first, finding the best schedule for your content might involve sending your newsletter at different times of day to determine when you get the best response. Furthermore, if you keep an eye on your reports using your MailChimp analytics, you can discover exactly when people are more likely to open your emails and when they are more likely to click through your content. Using analytics can even help you to determine which elements of your email newsletter are most successful. Thanks to MailChimp, scheduling your emails has never been easier so do not be afraid to tweak the time and date of your regular posts until you find what works best.

Share Exclusive Content

Some businesses like to use their email newsletter to provide content and tips that cannot be found anywhere else. This gives your newsletter a sense of exclusivity which can intrigue your subscribers and prompt them to click through your message. Aim to give your subscribers a reason to read your email newsletter by providing information that is not available on your social media platforms. For instance, one way to make subscribers feel special is by providing early access codes for sales and discounts. Sharing these exclusive types of content can lead to an uptake in subscriptions as more people start to become aware of your newsletter and want to know how they too can benefit from any unique perks.

Of course, whereas newsletters are a huge part of your email marketing efforts when using MailChimp, this does not mean that you cannot use your email newsletter to have fun. Newsletters can be a great way to connect with your subscribers on a deeper level. This can be particularly effective if you are a small business. Establishing authority and expertise is all about sharing stories about what is happening behind the curtains of your organization. By celebrating your successes your readers are more likely to stay loyal. By the same token, make sure that your subscribers know that there are real people working for your company and they will appreciate your authenticity.

Ultimately, the purpose of an email newsletter is to keep your subscribers connected, engaged, and informed about what is new with your organization or business. Above all, when used effectively as part of an overarching email marketing campaign, email newsletters can be used to raise brand awareness and drive sales.

One of the many benefits of using MailChimp is that it can be accessed on the go using the MailChimp app. Looking for more ways to manage your business remotely? Check out this guide to some of the most popular apps for businesses.