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How You Can Benefit From Legal Aid

Individuals accused and detained for crimes and who cannot afford the costs for the services of an attorney can solicit legal aid. This kind of support is offered under certain conditions and if the authorities consider that the offender doesn’t have any other solution. In the UK, for example, the Legal Aid Agency deals with such cases and analyzes the circumstances and the grounds for issuing the specific support in this matter.

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Who can obtain legal aid? What are the criteria in such a case?

The criteria for legal aid can be established only by the authorities that need to respect the applicable laws. There are numerous categories of persons who can benefit from legal aid and among these, the ones who are about to lose their homes, who have been victims of abuse or those who do not have sufficient funds to pay for legal services. Even witnesses in a criminal case can be subject to legal aid, but that depends pretty much on the case, the implications and circumstances. In any case, a legal representative will take the criminal case and, if the services cannot be paid, it is important to consider the legal aid, no matter the country.

Legal aid for minors

Minors under 18 years of age without a job or personal funds can be eligible for legal aid, whether they have been victims of crimes or turned into lawbreakers. In such cases, the tutor or the parent will have to apply for legal aid on behalf of the minor, considering a few steps to follow. For instance, the parents will have to provide some banks statements, bearing in mind that the authorities can also make verifications and collaborate with the banks for more details. 

There are also special cases involving financial charges for persons who obtained legal aid at a certain point. This means that the authorities are entitled to ask for paying the expenses afterward if they discover that the individual has a job or funds. 

Legal aid for victims of violence

Victims of abuse and violence are treated with certain attention from the authorities, anywhere in the world. According to laws, such victims can solicit legal aid if they have been involved in family violence cases or if children and women have been part of a domestic abuse episode. In most of the cases, victims of abuse and violence are treated with high priority by the authorities, and before asking for legal aid, support in this matter is provided. It is highly recommended to report your situation to the police and solicit legal advice from an attorney as soon as possible.

Legal aid is for everyone who cannot support the expenses for having an experienced attorney for his/her case, of course, under certain conditions which can be explained by such a lawyer as soon as he or she receives the case.