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Investing in London – What to Do When Your Overseas Property Has a Hitch

I know this piece may be a little niche and come across as pretentious, but please do read on and I’m sure you’ll find it won’t be. I inherited a house from a relative who passed away a few years ago in London, and after probate went through and I took possession, the value of the Pound tanked and selling it would be a lot less than I originally was fortunate enough to expect to receive. So instead I asked a few friends and they recommended an estate agency who would take it on and manage the property for me, but with exorbitant fees, I got to know the people staying there and they asked to rent from me privately. They were actually daughters of a friend so it made sense to run it privately as the trust factor was already there.

house-1917088_640Then the dreaded happens, a leak. Now most of you have probably had to deal with some sort of home emergency, maybe even tackle one when you are renting out the house, but few will have had to deal with it from some 5,000+ miles away. So when I got a phone call from the girls renting my place explaining they had found the leak and had no idea who to call or what to do, I thought it prudent to try and find someone myself than let them hire the first and most expensive option they could find. Now obviously I was determined to get a guarantee since I couldn’t proof the work myself, and while British Gas and people seemed great fits, their prices were insanely high. After a simple Google UK search for ‘Property Maintenance in London’ – I found a site called Divine Maintentance. Perhaps it was the fact that their prices were reasonable, perhaps I was just desperate to not pay through the nose for the repair, but they came out the same day and, taking the word of the girls, were very nice and fixed everything properly. They even did a few extra odd jobs I had on the list and quoted to replace some of the now ruined carpet which they are kicking off next week.

Now perhaps this piece seems a little salesy but it was just nice to find a company that weren’t charlatans looking to take me for all I’m worth. I’m a believer in Karma and thought I’d pay it forwards so no one else gets caught out or spends more than they should. Enjoy your day guys.