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Is your office an energy drain?

Energy is vital to an office, without a doubt. The workspace can’t function without constant supply of energy. It’s hard to imagine what we’d do without being able to power our computers, have an air conditioning or being able to use our coffee machines. But when it comes to energy saving, most offices lag behind. The result means that two things happen. Firstly, high overheads due to energy wastage, which, I am sure you’ll agree is the case in most offices. Secondly, by burning all that energy, we are affecting the environment in a negative way. Of course, we need energy to run an office, but there is just no excuse for wasting it. 

The problematic areas

There is a lot of energy that needs to be used to power a modern office block. But a few devices and areas in the office are particularly problematic.

The lights in an office use a lot of energy if they are left on overnight. It is easy to forget to turn them off. If you drive at night and you pass a few offices, you’re bound to see some rooms that are still lit up. This is a much bigger deal than you might think.

If office lights are left on overnight, they will use up enough energy in a year to heat the average home for five months. And while they may not be left on for the whole year, that should give you an idea of the value of simply switching the lights off at night. Make an even bigger commitment and simply turn off lights when you leave a room. 

Cable chargers to devices can cause issues too. If you’ve ever touched a charger that wasn’t plugged into a device and it still felt warm, that usually means that it is using energy. The obvious thing to do here is unplug a laptop or mobile device charger when it is not being used. If that sounds like too much effort, turn them off at the socket with the switch. 

Then we come to the humble photocopier. This is an essential part of office life and is to be found in most offices nowadays. However, it’s a huge drain on energy supply, and that’s because some offices don’t turn them off at the end of the day. Instead, the devices are left on standby. By just turning off the photocopier at the mains every night, money and energy can be saved.

If your office has several computers, then this could be an area of needless expense. Many offices leave computers on overnight, and this may at first seem like a small issue. However, leaving them on overnight, every night for a year, could cost up to £45 per year. If you have many computers, you can see how the expenses can mount up.

How to change this

It’s often as simple as turning everything off at the end of the day, but you could also purchase more energy efficient equipment that reduces costs over time. 

The basic idea is to introduce encouraging guidelines amongst your colleagues, so that you have your team switching off power every day as a matter of habit. This shouldn’t take much effort with the right amount of motivation and management, but the benefits are countless to your company’s bank balance and most of all our environment.