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Luxurious Glamping in the UK – What You Need To Know

The outdoor enthusiast in the UK has always opted for caravanning than camping due to the ‘UK weather. Additionally, camping has always had the discomfort of moving distances just to use the bathroom, having a wet floor making sleeping that much harder. Well, there has been a new trend that has caught on in the UK called ‘Glamping’.

pexels-photo-474572This term is coined from a fusion of two words glamour and camping that first emerged in North America over the last decade. When glamping there is no need to pitch a tent or sleeping on wet ground in a sleeping bag considering all these have been done at your convenience. When you think about the advantages of glamping, where you need not clog the motorways with caravans, the glamor of indoor amenities with the outdoor experience is the reason why glamping has taken of in the UK
Glamping has been growing in the UK at an astronomical speed. A simple search on the internet about glamping in the UK will provide you with several results highlighting the best glamping sites available to you today. Areas such Yorkshire and the Cotswolds have down on the farm treehouse cabins, Kent has Shepard tents, canvas, and wooden tents at Norforfolk, camping pods at Sullfolk have all become hot camping holiday sites. This placed in comparison half a decade ago when consumers rarely made searches on the various search engines in reference to glamping; currently, there are almost 2 million glamping searches in the UK.
Glamping is also known to be inclusive of other activities such as 4X4 tours, wildlife walks, as well as photography courses. The prices involved in glamping have been on the surge considering the fact that the activity is becoming more attractive. Prices range from 75£ to 145£ depending on the glamping choices; for instance, the Norfolk tents cost from £60 to £145. Please enjoy the infographic below made by Kia Designs, highlighting how to have the ultimate glamping experience.

Kia Designs Infographic (004)