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Moving in and Renting out

We are at cross-roads in our life. I say we because my boyfriend and I have just decided to move in together. We are there, it is comfortable and it is just the perfect next step. If we are honest, he has been moved in for the last six months anyway, but he’s always kept his place for his stuff and work nights.

But now we are taking the plunge and going the whole hog. We are really all that into the idea of marriage and a church service, so this is our commitment. We will be living together in my house. Our house, sorry, he keeps reminding me of that little slip.

house-1507920_640The only real issue we have is what to do with his old house. Or should that be our old house? Anyway, we own it, so the decision is only if we sell it, or rent it out.

Selling it seems like the least hassle way of doing things. We can give it a quick once over, clean out all of the clutter, make it look presentable and then hope for a quick sell. We have no need for the house and we are not worried about the property chain, so we could wait for the right buyer to come along and complete.

The biggest attraction of this option is the lump sum of money we would immediately get. It’s not the biggest or most expensive house in the world, but it is still worth a few pennies. That sort of figure would make a real impact on our lives today.

Then there is the other option. Do we keep hold of the house and rent it out? I like the idea of having monthly income from what could be very little work. I like the idea of giving people a chance to move into a lovely house and make it their home. But really, I love the idea of being old and retired and still making money.

We’d have to get a letting agent, as we both have full-time jobs and no spare time. Then there’s the Landlord Buildings Insurance, but that should all be a breeze. The big issue for us would be if we got some nightmare tenants who either refused to leave, stopped paying or trashed the house and cost us thousands in repairs.

I’m not sure I could deal with all of that emotional stress, let alone the financial impact it would have on us. But isn’t that what we would pay the letting agent to deal with? I’m pretty sure you can find some that offer a guaranteed income. That would be ideal and actually make life just that little bit less stressful.

home-2194174_640So, it seems that the decision to move in together is actually the easier one out of the two. When I just said to him, you need to move in, I didn’t really think through all of the possibilities and opportunities we would have with his old house.