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Our Perfect Winter Escape

There is one stereo-typical image of Christmas. It has the robin, perched in the tree. There’s the dark winter night, with the crescent moon shining in the corner. Lights shinning out from the perceived warmth of the country cottage. Then there is the ultimate image of Christmas, there is the simple look of foot prints creating a path through the snow.

pexels-photo-254123Every step mark, makes you feel the crunch of snow under foot. We can literally hear the sounds of the snow compacting as we make our march across the untouched field. It’s a scene we have all seen and one we can all associate with. Even if it is a childhood memory or a daily routine, the walk through a snow-covered field is the sign of winter everyone can relate to.

pexels-photo-772422So, when you want to create the perfect winter break, this is the first thought that comes to our mind. We want to find somewhere with snow and we want to be able to head out and walk through empty fields. Even just a quick look through any winter break ebook will show you pages filled with pictures of snow and white-covered houses.

If you were to ask us to name our favourite location to head in the winter, then there is always going to be one very quick and simple answer. Banff in Alberta, Canada. It is the picturesque, typically frontier, western town. Created to service the railroad and the natural springs, it is the perfect tourist town. Covered by snow for the whole winter, the naturally scenic town is crammed full of places to stay.

white-snow-forest-winter-722681Any town house will bring a wealth of features to make you feel snug and cosy for your stay. You might want to spend your days relaxing in the king-size bed, topped with a luxurious duvet and candles on the bedside. You might not even need to see the outside world, but just know that you are in the epi-centre of warmth and comfort.

The outside world is a wonderful place to spend any amount of time. The town is surrounded by three world-class ski resorts, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Norquay. With regular visits from the World Cup, the slopes are more than capable of giving anyone a challenging and exciting day out.


The world-famous Fairmont hotel is worth a visit, even if it is just for a coffee and to sit watching the world fly past. The hotel is known for its opulence and indulgence, luckily, you are worth every ounce of the effort the service hosts impart into you.

There is one reason why we don’t have to even think about the answer to our favourite winter destination. That’s because we know the perfect answer.