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Picking The Worst Time To Stop Working

It’s amazing how technology has got so smart. TV’s which know exactly what we want to watch. Watches which monitor our health and let us know about any issues. Predictive text which can complete a whole sentence before we have even thought about it. Even down to the home heating which sets itself for our individual needs.

startup-photosBut all of these abilities is completely trumped by technology’s ability to know when we really need it to work. The moments in life when you are in a rush and just need to print out one page. Or when you are running to a meeting and need to transfer one file onto a USB stick. Or even our favourite, standing at the start line of a run and wait for the GPS to sink up on the sports watch.

It’s at the moments when we need technology to work, that we can really rely on it either being painstakingly slow or just breaking down completely.

The printer knows when you are printing out pictures of cat memes and lets us waste our company’s ink as many times a day as we like. Then it senses the important spreadsheet and the colour coded cells to make the information easy for the boss to read. The printer also picks up on this code. For the boss, the code shows good profit and bad losses, for the printer, it shows to turn off, paper jam and run out of ink. All at the same time.

If you have ever been working on a presentation right up until the last minute, gone to save it onto the USB stick and then had to run from your desk to the presentation room, we know what has happened. Nobody has the time to safely remove hardware every time. To be fair the vast majority of the time, this won’t matter. Everything will be just fine.

Until you have that presentation to rush to and you just save the file, grab the USB and run. You know you’ve saved it. You know you have the USB in your hand and ready to go, but you also have this feeling that the computer will know you are in a rush.

You get to the computer you will be running the presentation from and insert the USB. You wait nervously and then nothing. Trying all the other USB slots and still nothing. The computer is not recognising the stick.

The worst part is that not only have you spent months creating this presentation, but that the only place you have saved it and all the data about it, is on the USB. And now it is dead. It’s at this point that you rely on a data recovery team. They are the life-savers you need at the end of an email.

Months of work have just vanished and there is only the hope of a specialist to get it all back. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives, but the good news is that we finally have a solution.