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Planning a prom in just 4 steps

Whether it’s your college graduation prom or a school prom for your daughter, it’s going to be one of the most exciting and memorable events of their – and your life. What is really crucial though is having everything planned and booked well in advance. Finding a beautiful dress, deciding on glamorous accessories, booking hair and beauty appointments to look like a star and opting for head-turning transport such as the vehicles offered by this limo service months rather than days or weeks before the big night means that when it’s time to get ready, you’ll enjoy every second of the experience.

Planning a prom doesn’t need to be hard work though; just follow these 4 steps and it will all go smoothly.

  1. Dress

Finding ‘the dress’ is the most important thing to arrange. There are  lots of styles to choose from so start looking well in advance and visit as many stores as possible so many designs can be tried on. Visit retail outlets if on a budget and check out online auction sites for gowns worn just once.

Keep it sophisticated and classy; a prom is the opportunity to feel like a star.

  1. Hair and Make-Up

The hair and make-up aspect of a prom is the opportunity to have fun with some pampering sessions. Talk to a hairdresser and beautician about a favoured look. Listen to their suggestions as to what will suit – they have lots of expertise to share. Book trial appointments, particularly for hair styles if they are very different to how it’s usually worn.

  1. Transport

Arriving in stylish luxury is one of the most glamorous parts of a prom. Everyone wants to exit a vehicle in front of all they know and to turn heads. For some prom-goers they will choose to travel with friends to share in the excitement of the big occasion. For a prom, there’s a wide variety of choice of vehicles so whether it’s a classic white limo or a party bus for up to 30, it’s something to research fully and book before prom season gets under way.

  1. Where to go after the prom

There’s every chance that many of your friends will want to carry on celebrating well after the official event has ended and there’s often an after-prom party which may need arranging. This can be in a hotel suite if there’s the budget for this or if the finances don’t stretch to this, a sleep-over is equally fun.

Find out beforehand where party goers will be heading and you can be taken there in your limousine and be joined by some of your friends for the luxurious ride. Knowing in advance where everyone is means you won’t be looking for places to go or be trying to locate friends in the hours after the prom music ends.

Spend time researching, plan in advance, have lots of fun trying on many dresses or helping your daughter choose if this is the case and feel like a princess sitting in various limousines – it’s all part of the preparations towards a great night.