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Playing The Odds

I believe that there is a certain amount of luck in the world. There simply has to be luck in the world for everything to have happened so far in my life. It was luck that allowed me to even exist in the world, from all of the millions and millions of possibilities, I still managed to come out.

So, when someone tells me that I have no chance of winning the lottery, I like to point out that the chances are pretty damn good. They are improved by the mere fact that I actually enter the lottery. We all know the thousands of people who are willing to tell you that they have no chance of winning, but they are also the same people who do not even buy a ticket.

ball-165958_640 (4)I would like to think that my odds of winning the lottery were good anyway. I play most weeks and have done so for a few years. This means that I, at the very least, stand a chance of winning because I am actually entered into it. But also, every week that I don’t win, that I am one week closer to winning the jackpot.

My odds of winning took a massive boost recently when I discovered that I can play almost any lottery in the world. Normally I would have to travel to Spain to play their lottery, but I can now play that, EuroMillions, El Gordo and a load more just by heading to Lottoz UK. It makes the whole thing simple and legal.

When you enter one of the lotteries on the site, you do not actually have to buy a ticket. Instead you gamble that the numbers you select will come up and then if you win, you win the same prizes as you would have done from the real lottery. It solves the whole issue of wanting to play the lotteries from around the world, without having to get on a plane and travel around the world.

I used to just play the EuroMillions and I thought I had a good chance of winning a large prize. I was pretty happy until I saw the jackpot for the EuroMillions sitting around the hundred million mark. Then when I saw the options available if I played any other Online Lottery, I stopped playing just the UK lottery and moved into a more selective way to play.

Now I will look at the lotteries available and I will play the one with the biggest jackpot. I’m not worried if it is the Irish lottery or the Kansas State lottery. I can play almost any lottery in the world and because I am only betting on the result, I can do so from the comfort of my own home.

No longer do I have to worry that the jackpot is only a few million, yes it would be nice, but how much nicer would it be if the jackpot was hundreds of millions instead?