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Popular Holiday Choices

It may only be the beginning of the summer holidays but are the kids already showing signs of boredom?  Six weeks is a long break but the school holiday choices can be very tricky and also very tiring for parents.  Parents are under endless pressure to organize activities that the kids will enjoy.

If you like many are planning in staying in the UK you are likely to be considering what is out there for kids, so we have taken the time to consider the pros and cons of popular holiday choices.

Take the kids to the seaside

Holiday Choices

What child does not love chocolate ice cream, a ride on a donkey, building sandcastles and playing in the sea?  This has to be a very classic UK holiday choices, and is not surprising why generation after generation it is still as popular as ever.

Brighton is a very popular choice due to its pebble beach’s and head spinning rides.  Or if you prefer long stretches of golden sands, head to Bournemouth.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a relaxing holidays or something more lively, the beach has something for everyone to enjoy.  Plus if you are lucky enough and the weather stays warm you may be able to enjoy a spot of sunbathing while the kids play in the sand.

Holiday Choices

Therefore, due to the very unpredictable weather we have in the UK, a contingency plan is a must.  If your plans of fun on the beach are spoiled due to rain and thunder then you will need somewhere to escape to.  Another issue many families face is spending an hour looking for a car parking space, then to discover there is no room on the beach.  This is not the most ideal way in which to spend quality family time together.  In this case look for secluded parts of the beach and go rock pooling.

Consider going to the countryside

Breath in the air as you take a visit to the countryside.  For those city-dwellers this is the perfect alternative as you escape the city air and enjoy the openness the countryside offers.  This can offer the family the chance to say goodbye to the TV and game consoles and spend the day going back to nature as you enjoy long walks taking in the refreshing views of the English countryside.

Holiday Choices

Although this can be a nice change, it can be too much of a change for some children who are so used to city living, meaning the kids getting bored very quickly.  Then this is no holiday choices for anyone!  Try and schedule activities in that the kids will enjoy, otherwise you will end up with grumpy and hungry kids that feel they are starved of fun.

Wanting to get away to the countryside but not too different to your own life, have you thought about Centre Parcs.  It combines country living with familiar amenities, plus there are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained.  There is something for all ages.

Home from home:  Take a trip to the CITY

Taking a short city break makes a great choice due to the large amount of attractions available such as shops, restaurants, museums, cinemas and play areas.  Harry Potter fans can join in on Harry Potter themed tours and spot some of the film locations from the classic films.

As this can be too close to home living, travelling to another city may be too busy for families to relax and feel like they are on holiday choices.  Remember little legs can get tired very quickly.