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RAID Controller Failures: How We Can Help

A Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is quite secure by its very nature. Due to the fact that information is stored across multiple drives, an individual failure will normally not impact the efficacy of an entire operating system. Although there can be times when a single disk is found to be at fault, hardware failures are quite rare. However, this is not to say that they are impossible. One situation which warrants the attention of a trained professional involves a RAID controller failure. What are the major concerns and why should you contact Data Recovery Specialists as soon as possible?
friends-3175059_640RAID Controller Failures at a Glance
When a raid system goes down, most technicians will automatically assume that the problem involves one or more drives. Unfortunately, a damaged controller dramatically complicates the diagnostic process. As the controller is normally utilised to discover any problems, it only stands to reason that one which is damaged or otherwise malfunctioning can impede recovery times. This is an obvious disadvantage from a functionality point of view and when you need to access important data, time is always of the essence. How can DRS help and what can you enjoy when procuring our services?


Discrete Diagnoses and Intelligent Troubleshooting

First and foremost, it must be confirmed whether or not the RAID controller is the central issue. This is often determined by separating the primary hard drives from the controller and making differential diagnoses to narrow the problem down. Assuming that no bad sectors within the disks themselves have been uncovered, the next logical step is to examine the controller itself in greater detail. Please note that this is only one of many methods which we may employ and that the process above has been dramatically simplified for the sake of brevity.

Data Recovery Specialists: Leaving Nothing to Chance

RAID controller failure is no laughing matter. Perhaps you need to gain access to time-sensitive information or the security of client data is at risk of being compromised. Whether referring to a functional point of view or simply from an operational perspective, the fact of the matter is that we appreciate your needs. We will therefore base our actions around the specific controller problem as well as your discrete requirements.

We have specialised within this industry for more than 40 years and our aggregate knowledge base is able to diagnose even the most challenging of issues. This is partially the reason why our success rate is an astounding 97 per cent. We will offer you a detailed online report so that you can make an informed decision before the actual recovery process begins. Most information is obtained within five business days and we evaluate all situations within 48 hours of being notified. Whether you own a budding local enterprise or you are responsible for the data of a multinational corporation, there is no such concept as “second best” when rectifying a controller failure. Please speak with us to learn more about what we can provide.

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