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Simple Ways to Keep Your Digital Files More Organized

Gone are the days when most files are kept in a filing cabinet. In today’s era, almost everything has become digitalized. The use of computers in everyday life is almost as ubiquitous as eating or breathing. In every office, the computer is an essential piece of equipment for managing different types of paperwork much like this bluetooth dongle. This, is why there is at least one computer available for these purposes of processing paperwork, and why it is important to be a computer savvy when you want to land a job in an office environment.

macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284While there are many advantages that come with using a computer for office management, there are drawbacks as well. The downsides become apparent when you don’t know how to keep your digital files as organized as possible. With that in mind, here are some ways to keep your digital documents more systematic and consistently labeled.

  • Create a folder.

When your computer is always on the go, there are an awful lot of files that are stored in its system. These files can be of different types like documents, images, audio, video clips, and more. It is important to put these files in folders and categorize them so they will be more organized.

  • Create a file name for the folder.

As you create  folders for your files, it is important to give the specific file names. For example, you can sort your office correspondence by client name. If your client’s name is JP Morgan Chase, you can name the folder JPM. Doing this will make it easier to access the files you are looking for, particularly when they need to be referenced in a hurry.

  • Put your files in order.

Another way for to get quick and easy access to your files is to sort them in different ways. You can do this alphabetically, by date, or by by subject. Doing so will make it much easier for you to find the files you need when you need them.

  • Separate your program files from your data files.

Your program files are different from the files that you create such as Word documents or images. Therefore, they must be  sorted in different folders. Also make sure that to make backups of these files in case they become lost or deleted.

  • Create a desktop shortcut for your folder.

Your desktop is a great place for a nice background such as branded wallpaper. You might not want to fill it up with lots of random files and program shortcuts to avoid spoiling the view. If you want an easier access to your files, you can decide to create shortcut folders, but only do this for the files that you frequently use to avoid clutter.

  • Unclutter your files.

Speaking of clutter, you should clear out any files you no longer need in order to make your computer tidier. Likewise, it will also free up space in your storage and make the existing files on your computer more organized.

  • Change the way you view your files.

You can opt to “show the preview pane” to see what a file looks like before you retrieve it from your library. This can actually help you save time and provide a more seamless  experience when navigating your files.

  • Customize your folder icons.

Customizing every folder icon in your library will help you easily identify the files that you need. If you want to take it a step further, there are special tools that you can use to create custom colors, images, and overlays.

  • Use third party applications.

There are various software that you can use to manage your documents effectively. Templafy is a  great example of a software that integrates directly with the Office suites. It is is a powerful tool that you can use to simplify the way you create and handle professional branded documents.

  • Back up your files.

Every now and then, there is a need to back up your files to make sure you keep them in your computer for as long as you need them. After all, nothing is worse than losing your important files, especially when they contain sensitive client information.

Final Thoughts

If you want to organize your digital files in your computer, follow these simple tips. These suggestions can provide you a better experience, help you with time management, and make you work more efficiency.