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Surprising Facts About the Limousine!

They’re a symbol of luxury and achievement: everybody loves limos! But not everyone knows much about limos. Have you ever wondered what the word “limousine” means? Do you know about the largest limo in the world? To learn that and a bit more, read through this article some surprising facts about limousines and why not take a look at these party bus rentals if you in the New Jersey area as well. Read on and prepare to be surprised!

Limos actually came before cars

Even though people think of limos as the pinnacle of motorized vehicles, they actually came before the common car. Back in the day of horses and carriages – as far back as the 18th century – there were motorized carriages available for the wealthy. Also, these vehicles already featured what would become a crucial aspect of a limousine service: the driver seats on a separate area from the passengers.

What the words “limousine” and “chauffer” means

Both of these words have a French origin, and were eventually adapted into the English language with a new meaning. “Limousine” was derived from the French region of Limousin, where local shepherds used a particular hooded outfit that looks a bit like the separate compartment of these beloved luxury cars. The word “chauffer” is a throwback to the French “stokers” – steam engine operators.

The first air conditioning on wheels

Limousines are widely regarded as symbols of extravagance. So it shouldn’t be much surprising the first cars to feature air conditioning were limos, and it happened about 2 decades sooner compared to normal vehicles. What might be surprising is the outrageous cost and ridiculous setup – for a whooping $300 (that’s 1940 money) you would get a system without temperature control that took up half the space in your trunk. But at least you would get bragging rights on having the first air conditioning on wheels!

The Longest Limo in the world

The absolute longest limo in existence – according to the Guiness Book of World Records – spans over 100 feet and features a whooping 26 wheels, topped with no less than two driver cabins (front and back). It was built in 1997 in California (where else), and it was so large that it had to be built around a hinged design to allow turning on a normal street. It was originally created for publicity purposes, but it was so impressive that many private clients tried to hire it ever since. It’s actually a famous car that has been featured in several films, so you might have seen it somewhere!