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Tarpon Springs

Enjoy a piece of history everyday with Tarpon Springs

Take a moment to imagine a piece of Greece in the Pinellas County.  At the northern end lies a delightful place called Tarpon Springs which has around 20,000 people residing there.  Famous for its culture and Greek history in particular; it is also holds the post of being the oldest town in the St Petersburg region.

In the 1800’s many Greeks were attracted to this part of America as they found employment in the sponge industry.  At the time this thriving location was given its name when locals spotted a number of fish jumping in the waters.  By the mid 1900’s millions and millions of dollars were being generated.

The sponge industry has lost much of its profitability but retains its unique Greek feel, and unsurprisingly Tarpon Springs has the largest percentage of Greek Americans residing here than any other part of America.

Take a step inside this wonderful town and you will be welcomed by speciality food stores selling authentic Greek items as well as boutiques and antique shops selling natural sponges and unique Greek pieces.

This popular little town holds the largest Epiphany celebration in the US.  Naturally you can expect traditionalGreek music and a delicious feast.  But the highlight of the event as a spectator is young men diving into the water to obtain a wooden cross (the person who retrieves the cross is believed to be blessed for an entire year).

If you have the urge to purchase a new home/holiday home or even looking for towns to relocate to; this relaxing and fascinating town is everything you would ever hope for.

There is something for everyone in Tarpon Springs.  Affordable family homes to magnificent mansions around Craig’s Park; all budgets are covered.

Lined with bright and colourful buildings, hand painted with Greek characters, the docks alone are a valid reason to invest here.  The docks are the secret behind the success of this town and undoubtedly the main reason why many choose to reside here.  If you want to take a step back in time where local businesses were handed down to family members and there were more fishermen in one space than business people, Tarpon Springs is the place for you.

It is not just the unique shopping experience that is causing people to visit this little gem and choosing not to leave, many of the Greek restaurants in the village are still run by the same people that opened them some forty years ago.  Expect something special when you wonder into the village of history.  And the great thing is, for residents, it is always on their doorstep for them to enjoy time and time again.

Tarpon Springs is not just for the adults, there are plenty of things for the children to participate in.  If feeding stingrays and watching sharks get fed is not their thing they can step on a cruise where they will experience dolphins in their own habitat.

Invest in Tarpon Springs and enjoy all this every single day.