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The Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why create ok dishes when you can make superior dishes for you and your family?

There is a common myth that extra virgin olive oil burns quite easily but in actual fact the point of smoking of this oil is around 375 degrees F, of course depending on the fatty acid content which is far higher than the smoking point of butter.

Now we have cleared this myth we can take a look at why we should all be increasing our olive oil intake in our daily diets.

There are many dishes that require butter but that does not mean you have to stick to the recipe, be creative!  There are plenty of conversions charts available on the internet which you can print and keep handy for the next time you are creating the perfect dish for your family.  This is one of the easiest ways to get olive oil into your diet without making any significant changes to the taste of the dish.  If anything it tastes better and your guests will be impressed with the flavour and enjoy your dishes for much longer as olive oil is proven to keep baked goods staying fresh for longer.

If you are looking for more reasons to use olive oil instead of butter, baked goods are softer and chewier.  So don’t just keep your extra virgin olive oil for dipping into your focaccia, explore the huge range of tasty sweet and savoury goods.

So what are the health benefits?

Extra virgin olive oil has been a staple part of the Mediterranean diet since ancient times because of its huge health benefits.  It is rich in antioxidants and proven to:

  • Lower cholesterol levels – It is one of the only cooking oils that are rich in antioxidants.  So what does this mean for you?  In simple terms it is good for your heart and immune system.  You can’t say the same for butter!
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks
  • Lower your blood sugar levels

And generally improve the overall state of your health.  Experience an improved inner self which will shine to your outer self as you can love your new shiny hair and soft, glowing skin.  After all generations of Mediterranean people can’t be wrong, can they?

Any oil that can reduce the chances of coronary problems by 50%, wow!!

As you can see olive oil benefits your body in so many ways and if you’re diabetic don’t worry this has extra benefits for you as consuming olive oil can lower your sugar levels as previously mentioned hopefully meaning you can rely on less medication.

Of all the olive oils, extra virgin is the least processed and therefore offering the most benefits, so definitely worth a purchase! And start noticing improvements to your health today!