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The Best Places To Celebrate Liverpool’s Football Heritage

Liverpool is known for being a cultural melting pot, which is evident with the buzz of atmosphere around the city, filling locals with a sense of pride and identity, while also drawing in a myriad of different tourists interested in visiting the famous sights. With Liverpool potentially on the brink of Champions League success, and achieving higher points this year than ever before in past Premier League seasons, there is no better time to visit some of the anchor points that make this football city a great one to check off the list.

anfield-1275557_640Liverpool wouldn’t be as much of a sporting pinnacle without its fierce rival Everton and its accompanying stadium, Goodison Park. The reds probably wouldn’t agree, but the combination of these two stalwart clubs combine to make the city a dominant force in football. Here are some of the best places to celebrate Liverpool’s football heritage

Anfield ground: present and future

Any fans of LFC will no doubt have Anfield road as the first place on their list to visit when coming to Liverpool. The historical Anfield football stadium has recently just increased its capacity to 54,000 with a new £120 main stand improvement, which will hopefully make it easier for fans to get tickets for matches. Of course, the goals in the back of the net are the main draw, but there is much more to the stadium than simply the game itself.

Anfield’s state-of-the-art stadium tour gets you full access to the pitch, from the famous Kop stand to the player’s dressing room. There is even a comprehensive museum dedicated to the club’s history, audio narration from Liverpool actor David Morrissey (of The Walking Dead fame), and an exhibition highlighting star player Steven Gerrard. The tour is also available in 9 different languages, promoting accessibility for a wide range of international visitors.

Anfield’s future also seems to bode well for visitors, fans and those living in the area. An ambitious regeneration plan will not only provide new accommodation but an open, welcoming space around the stadium with shops and restaurants. This promising future development for the ground explains why companies such as RW Invest are providing sleek, nearby, modern apartment properties for those wanting to invest in the future.

Goodison Park

An alternative opportunity for ‘The Toffees’, Everton’s stadium tour is currently suspended under renovation in preparation for the new season and is hopefully set to come back even better than before.  Their tour in the past has similarly given access to the walkout tunnels, views from the stands, and also a showcase of the ‘Dixie Dean’ Platinum Suite, a room that can be licenced for private parties and even weddings for the hardcore fan.

Liverpool ONE and Everton TWO

Each respective stadium boasts a built-in store for souvenirs and merchandise, but the two clubs also have some excellent shopping outlets situated in the city centre.

  • The LFC Store is situated on the upper floor of Liverpool ONE, and features full sized video walls alongside 20 printing stations for kits and exclusive accessories and gifts.
  • Everton Two, conveniently right next door, again features a full selection of kits and training kits, and a large collection of retro-inspired shirts and memorabilia.

If you fancy a break from football, there are 170 stores, bars and restaurants all located around Liverpool ONE, providing an extensive shopping experience in the heart of the city.